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  1. SpudOz

    Entering a QF lounge with QR WP and then changing to your QF FF #

    Unfortunately, this behaviour haas been going on for years. Back in 2013, when the QF-EK alliance was very new, my husband was denied access to QF lounge while flying EK. I was involved as I was on speakerphone to the lounge staff reading out the rules! Still denied access, I wrote a lengthy...
  2. SpudOz

    [I need] Qantas Points - Fast

    Do a foreign currency purchase on Qantas Travel Money.
  3. SpudOz

    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    QF72 SIN-PER Saturday 25 Jan Two queues marked Business and the various status tiers etc etc and Economy. First call was for families and like a wave they appeared including teenagers...and they were boarded through both queues. When husband & I approached business queue at the end of the...
  4. SpudOz

    Status Run: SYD-DPS-SYD

    Exactly. When I did my DPS status run, I stayed for 2 days. Relatively cheap all inclusive hotel with a pool. If you have the time, make a mini holiday.
  5. SpudOz

    Luxury Escapes - The People You Don't Meet

    My husband and I have booked LE in the past...Phuket - staying at the Marriott and Broome - staying at Cable Beach. I do like a convo with people but I'm in my comfort zone lazing around a pool and reading. My husband, however, is Mr Have A Chat. I do join in after awhile. The best places to...
  6. SpudOz

    QFF Inaccessible from Overseas?

    I have used this option with Telstra, it is very handy when you really need to take a call or make one. Beware though - the 24 hour period commences midnight AEST and finishes midnight 24 hours later. Otherwise you might find that you use the service overlapping the two time periods. But at $10...
  7. SpudOz

    Qantas Business Class customers bumped to economy in Tokyo

    It's great that you have come back to us with more info. You dont deserve that treatment from QF and good luck with pursuing them for decent compo.
  8. SpudOz

    New lounge trial in DPS

    Same for PER. JQ runs three bogan express flights to Bali each day. Please please just one QF flight!
  9. SpudOz

    QF Lounge access flying into PER on CX J; out on QF Dom Y [Denied despite oneworld rules]

    Many years ago when the Emirates partnership was in its infancy, my husband was denied access to QF Int business lounge. The lounge dragon was quite aggressive and my husband called me. I quoted the access policy to her but she was having none of it. Long story short I penned a letter of...
  10. SpudOz

    Syringes for Medication mid-flight - Is carry on OK?

    I have flown with syringes and also meds in a cooler bag. On long haul flights I have asked the FAs to top up my cooler bag with some ice, they have always obliged. Curiously I have never had the contents examined either at X-ray or security points. I do also carry a letter from my GP
  11. SpudOz

    JQ25 MEL - CNS warning....

    The only times I use JQ is the shuttle from Perth to Denpasar. Unfortunately, QF doesn’t do this route. I would not use JQ under any other circumstance.
  12. SpudOz

    [Targeted] DSC QF International Flights for Travel 20/4/19-30/3/20 (no sale fares)

    My husband (NB) received offer. I did not (SG)
  13. SpudOz

    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    Buddy Franklin at an AA lounge in Los Angeles. My husband and I had a drink or 4 with him while waiting to fly to Las Vegas. Nice bloke despite playing for Sydney (though he was with the Hawks at the time)
  14. SpudOz

    Preselecting Seating leaving Open Seat between you. Is it gaming?

    On a QF flight to HNL, all the 2's of the 2-4-2 configuration in Y were taken. I selected 2 aisles seats for other half and myself (both SG). Checked in at PER for initial flight SYD and then a further flight to HNL. Got our preselected seats, no problem. At the gate in SYD, we were given seats...
  15. SpudOz

    Life Silver Recognition? Nope accused of made up crime and threatened with arrest..

    First off, I thought you might have been in trouble with the sleeve touching but apart from that, the smell of spew can be so overpowering that you can start gagging yourself. Very poor outcome for you....
  16. SpudOz

    Life Silver Recognition? Nope accused of made up crime and threatened with arrest..

    Reminds me of a flight I did about a year ago from Kalumbila to Lusaka (also in Zambia) with Proflight. I was sitting in the exit row and the FA came down the aisle to give me a briefing. The young lady in question was a rather large lass and her blazer did not quite fit. It was fasten by one...
  17. SpudOz

    Sunrise and QFF 1 million points give away every Friday

    Here’s hoping the WA luck continues....
  18. SpudOz

    Perth terminal 1 Qantas Lounge

    QF T1 lounge needs to stay open for the 3 flights of Jetstar bogans to Bali. Tongue in cheek, Im one of them. I wish QF would do at least 1 flight a day to Bali, it would be packed.
  19. SpudOz

    Policy on changing TV channel in QF Business Lounge

    If the footy is not on in the lounge, I watch it on the Foxtel app on my IPad. As a Telstra customer, I can watch it on AFL Live app too.
  20. SpudOz

    Comfy dress vs Acceptable dress

    That’s the bikkie chuckers letting everyone know that service is over... As an aside, if I’m travelling Y, I change into black leggings, black t shirt and whip the bra off. Black because I’m a slob and always manage to spill something down my front and black hides everything.