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    QF Platinum Denied Lounge on Arrival with Qantas Sydney Airport

    To those brushing this off as trivial, what if you substitute arrivals access with a benefit that you personally value, say for example, additional baggage allowance. What if Qantas decides to temporarily remove this benefit so that they can save on fuel costs. They send out a memo to all check...
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    Qantas lounges reopening 1 July 2020

    MEL J lounge has two food counters. You order and collect hot food on the left. Cold food is available on the right. They did not have a sample of the two hot food options on display but this is what I received.
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    Qantas lounges reopening 1 July 2020

    I visited the BNE J lounge last week before it closed and this is what the food counter looks like. The two hot food options are displayed at the front. Ask for whatever you like and it will be plated up for you to collect at the far left of the counter. I walked over to the Qantas Club and...
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    Amex Travel Credit - covid implication

    The travel credit is single use only. It is not relevant whether the room rate is refundable or if the travel credit would have otherwise expired. You won't get the travel credit back after you use it. The exception seems to be if you use it for an airfare and the airline subsequently cancels...
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    booking award flight for immediate travel to Sydney

    I don't think non US citizens can enter the US from the UK.
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    QF Platinum Denied Lounge on Arrival with Qantas Sydney Airport

    If contract tracing is indeed the reason then how are small businesses across the country able to put contract tracing processes in place but a corporate behemoth like Qantas is not able to and must turn people away?
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    Expiring Krisflyer Miles

    I highly doubt that transfers to Velocity will ever come back. SQ no longer has a stake in VA like they used to. You can use your miles for domestic VA flights or hotels.
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    QF Platinum Denied Lounge on Arrival with Qantas Sydney Airport

    Surely it goes both ways though noting clause 3.2(a)
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    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    Unlucky Busselton Airport. Will they ever get to launch commercial flights?
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    Amex Travel Credit - covid implication

    But if you cancel a refundable booking, you won't get the travel credit back. Makes it risky to book anything more than a few days in the future. Edit: In some ways, one might as well book the non refundable rate if it is cheaper since the travel credit is effectively non refundable.
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    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    I kinda wish that McGowan would just close his border already rather than keeping everyone in suspense so that people can start changing their plans.
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    Qantas New Partner - BP

    I seem to have permanently deleted my September newsletter so I can no longer prove my eligibility. What a shame. I hope you get the SCs soon.
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    Qantas New Partner - BP

    Are any WPs still waiting for the 10SC from the newsletter offer?
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    AAdvantage Holiday Gift

    Where do you see the expiry date of your miles? Mine has disappeared ever since I got the 100 mile gift.
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    Qantas Call Centre Wait Time

    I don't know why they took away the SMS and webchat service. Those were really good alternatives to waiting hours on the phone.
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    How long does QF take to add flights to newly re-opened borders?

    When QLD announced opening to VIC they didn't add the direct Sunshine Coast flights until the day after. The day after that was when they added the direct Gold Coast flights.
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    KrisFlyer 15% Transfer Bonus! [Offer Extended to Jan 16th 2021]

    Is SQ even receptive to feedback? I remember when they introduced a dysfunctional new website but refused to bring the old one back despite overwhelming negative feedback.
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    Qantas Points Club Discussion

    Will Qantas award flights booked using AA miles earn status credits?
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    Qantas cuts points, status; hikes upgrades on some domestic fares

    I am looking at a couple of routes popular for status runs and the starting Flex prices have definitely increased. How unfortunate.
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    Qantas Premier Credit Card

    Are points earn on this card calculated per transaction (like Amex) or per statement (like NAB)?