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    Vietjet to fly to Avalon

    9News article
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    Flying Jetstar on QF codeshare

    For some reason, I remember reading somewhere that points and SCs are not given when flying Jetstar on a QF flight number. Is there any truth to this or am I just imagining it? Specifically on SIN-KUL.
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    How do you choose a hotel?

    I find choosing a hotel to be the least pleasant in planning holidays. Not so bad in smaller towns or where you have very specific requirements but quite difficult in big cities where there are literally hundreds of hotels to choose from. I like to find good value where I can so it takes me a...
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    JQ Straight to Gate check in at MEL International

    I just noticed that Jetstar now has Straight To Gate web check in for flights from MEL to Southeast Asia. Has anyone used this? If I have no bags to check in, do I really not need to go to a check in counter? Presumably the 1 hour deadline to show up in person at a Jetstar counter no longer...
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    Air Berlin status match

    Came across this news from this blog and thought it might be useful to some. You are already a status member of another frequent flyer programme? Match your status with topbonus so that you can enjoy a whole range of frequent flyer benefits from the moment you join us. This is how the...
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    $0 Annual Fee for Life on HSBC Platinum Visa

    For those who don’t like Citibank or if you want another credit card with no annual fee. Platinum Credit Card - Visa Cards | HSBC Australia Comes with 10,000 bonus points which converts to 5,000 SQ or CX miles or $50 in gift cards. Every $2 spend earns 1 SQ or CX mile or 1 cent in gift cards...
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    Phantom AA award availability on QF.com

    Has anyone encountered this issue? I am trying to book a multi-city award using various AA only flights but I get an error message just before the credit card payment screen. The premium desk said it was because AA uses a different booking system which causes a lag so even though award seats...
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    UA rt to LAX for $500

    www.wideroe.no is not charging YQ I'm getting US$477 MEL-LAX-MEL More discussion at FT
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    QF to FRA for $899? [not bookable]

    I can't price this fare. Isn't false advertising illegal?
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    Mistake fare posted on ozbargain if you're interested Thai Airways Melb to Delhi Return $586.58 Total Exp 30th Sept Travel by 28.11.13 - OzBargain From my random searches, several Indian and Asian destinations from $464 return until November
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    Fast Track Your Way To Elite Status

    Interesting promotion which I'm so tempted to go for. I wonder if the requirement of flying 4 flights on AA still apply. Fast Track Your Way To Elite Status | American Airlines We invite AAdvantage® members* who do not currently hold elite status to reach Gold, Platinum or Executive Platinum...
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    Refund of miles when changing an award booking

    I made an award booking online which cost 50,000 miles. I then changed the flights online to a completely different itinerary costing only 27,500 miles. I paid the $75 change fee and additional taxes. The booking reference number stayed the same. I expected to get a refund of the difference...
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    QF baggage allowance

    I booked some classic awards late last year with the old baggage allowances. Is there a cheap way of amending these bookings so I can get the new baggage allowances?
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    AirAsia PER-DPS $134 return in 2014 available now

    I'm not sure if this is any cheaper than their regular sales but as the website will probably crash tomorrow you can buy these fares now via their BIG website Live BIG, Think BIG It costs 0 BIG points plus $140 in taxes for a return ticket. You can save $6 less conversion fees if the return leg...
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    PayPal travel bookings

    I need to pay a deposit on a tour with a small tour company and I've been given the option to send images of my credit card or pay by PayPal. PayPal seems more convenient but I was wondering, if I paid by PayPal and the tour company goes out of business am I likely to still be able to get a...
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    Reserving seats on Etihad flight booked through Velocity

    How do I select a seat on Etihad having booked the flight as a Velocity award? Is it possible? I was just going to pick a seat at online check in 24hrs before departure but the flight looks like its going to be quite full so I'd like to do it beforehand.
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    Expiring QFF points

    A family member just told me they have QFF points expiring in 10 days time. My first thought was that they should transfer them to me but after looking at the website it says that family transfers does not count as activity including preventing the points from expiring. Does anyone know if the...
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    redemption specials

    While browsing the website this morning I noticed Etihad redemptions seem to be cheaper than usual by around 20% eg. Abu Dhabi at 36,700 points and London at 52,100 points for economy and around double this for business.
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    AirAsia now offers 'upgrades' to a 3-row of seats

    Interesting development... Air Asia X introduce Empty Seat Option - Airline News - etravelblackboard.com I'm thinking it might get annoying trying to ward off intruders eyeing the empty seats next to you who'd have no idea that you paid for them.
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    Etihad redemption destinations restricted

    So I decided to transfer my amex points to Velocity to redeem an Etihad award to Nairobi only to be told it is not “on the list” of available award destinations. This is despite the flights being operated by EY and award seats showing up on EY’s website. Apparently Velocity has blocked a...