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    LHR lounge access when flying Qantas AND Emirates

    Hi all I am flying back to AU from London Heathrow next week (business). First leg to Dubai is QF10, then transferring to an Emirates plane in Dubai (booked through Qantas) to Perth. What's nice is that I can book the chauffeur service through Emirates even though I don't board an Emirates...
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    Wine Buying on Holiday

    I'm off to Italy for a month in April, and as I have only relatively recently started really getting into wine - I know I'll be desperate to take as much tasty Italian vino back with me as possible. I know that my wife and I can take 6 bottles back DF. I suspect that we will end up with...
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    Naked Wines - comments and experiences

    Hi all, I recently ended up with a $100 gift card for Naked Wines. It seems that they are also offering an additional $50 my first order of a six-pack. Perhaps I can also get three free bottles for signing up to their angels club (with the full intent on opting out asap!) That would mean 12...
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    Any opinions on De'Longhi DEWC46D Wine Fridge?

    Hi all, I have been offered a second hand De'Longhi DEWC46D wine fridge from a colleague for $300. Can't say I know a great deal about wine storage, but this must be better than my current solution of keeping my "good" wine cool under the house in an effort toprotect it from the disgusting...