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  1. ChrisMars

    Card Promotions Amex Qantas ultimate: 100k QFF + 200$ back + 450$ Qantas credit for 450$ fee

    This offer looks appealing with the unusual 200 AUD back, on top of the usual 450AUD travel credit and other benefits. https://www.qantas.com/au/en/frequent-flyer/member-specials/american-express-ultimate.html...
  2. ChrisMars

    Applying to credit card as a contractor

    Hi CC churners, I might switch job from a permenant position to become a contractor. Do you know how this impact CC application success? Any advice on how to keep being approved once a contractor? Thanks!
  3. ChrisMars

    Card Promotions 100K Qantas points + 75 SC on American express ultimate

    + 450 qantas credit for domestic, and even international flights 🤣 The offer is not yet fully propagated on the internet, but hopefully, you can see it here: https://www.americanexpress.com/au/credit-cards/compare-qantas-cards/ or here...
  4. ChrisMars

    Qantas Travel Pass?

    I just received a "Qantas Travel Pass" via email for a sort-of-refund. Anyone seen those before, I coulnd't find traces on this forum nor on internet. I had a domestic classic award J that I had to This corresponds to a domestic Y classic reward refund I initiated on the website 1 month ago...
  5. ChrisMars

    Qantas premier platinum cc and 75sc for lifetime tally

    I was wondering if someone here got those 75 SC attached to this credit card in the current offer ending 30 June. If so, does it contribute to the lifetime tally? The t&cs dont seem to exclude this, but from memory it was the same for an ANZ cc last year, yet the sc did not contribute to the...
  6. ChrisMars

    Qantas bus between Syd and Cbr

    Hi all, Anyone here that got the chance to experience a qantas organized bus ride in replacement of a cancelled flight between nearby cities? This happened this week between Sydney and Canberra, I was a bit surprised, never seen that before. Also wondering what happens to miles and sc...
  7. ChrisMars

    Aperol Spritz in J Lounges

    Hi all, I love Aperol Spritz. In Qantas J lounge, it's hit and miss. Some know how to do it, but some just have no idea. I got good success in SIN, sometime in MEL, on occasion in CBR, and never in SYD (LHR, I just go with Gins, and I do travel to other places) I decided to go on a mission and...
  8. ChrisMars

    Upgrade on second part of QF1 QF2

    Hi Frequent Flyers. Has anyone ever been upgraded only on the second part of QF1 or QF2, when flying all the way between Sydney and London through Dingapore (or Dubai a few years ago) I can see that a the time of requesting the upgrade online, there such an option to be considered for an ongate...
  9. ChrisMars

    CC Churning and purchase / purchase insurance / refund

    Hi members I have a question for the hardcore churner here: What happens if / when you get reimbursed a purchase after you closed your CC account you used for the purchase? i.e. a hotel booking you cancel, or maybe a product you bought but had issues and you ask for a refund etc... Note that...
  10. ChrisMars

    Spice bar at Melbourne Dom J Lounge

    It's been a few time now I visited the domestic J lounge in Melbourne, and I must say I am quite impressed by the quality of the food that comes out of the spice bar. Really tasty, clearly a level above what's being traditionally served in J lounges. I think it's rare enough to see Qantas doing...
  11. ChrisMars

    How long before the 75 status credit get posted (ANZ Freq Flyer Black)

    Hi Everyone, I would need your help to appropriately time my usage of this 75 SC offer on the ANZ black card. How long did it take for the sc to be posted on your qantas account? My goal, of course, is to get them posted in the membership year of my choice (in my case, I need to fly before the...
  12. ChrisMars

    Applying to a Business credit on new business

    Hi there, First post for me :D I recently got an ABN with registered GST. My business does not earn anything at this stage, yet, any advice if I can apply to a Business credit card? For example, on the Amex Express Qantas Business card, I meet all the listed conditions: I am over 18 years of...
  13. ChrisMars

    Qantas international: Booking on Flex, then changing to a saver.

    Hello community! I have a question: Let's say I book a Qantas return Australia to Europe on flexible economy. Let's say that later, I want to change the flight to another date, and this date still has some Saver fare. Do you know if it is possible to get the Saver price and get reimbursement of...
  14. ChrisMars


    Hello community! I am flying enough to be interested in reading this forum, and now to contribute too :) Usually I fly Qantas between Australia and europe every month (eco, ouch)