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  1. Cruiser Elite

    Bar Cart Colours

    If you could choose the colour of your Bar Cart - which would you choose?
  2. Cruiser Elite

    Free Free to good home - wine sleeves

    Forum Pubic Announcement - I have a shoot load of these inflatable plastic sleeves arrived from China that I am happy to share around with AFF wine lovers who have a genuine need to transport wine. If you meet the following criteria and desire some just pm me: 1. I know you / you know me 2. I...
  3. Cruiser Elite

    Sebel Noosa

    Anybody with any clues how to get a price break at all at Sebel Noosa without fully pre-paid? Booking for 6nts over XMAS 2020 - TIA
  4. Cruiser Elite

    Greek Policy seems OK to me

    We had a month in Euro planned mid June to mid July 2020 but alas now has all turned to shyte - we did have a number of pre-paid bookings with Olympic Air / Agean and also at Corfu Palace Hotel - I was wondering how the refund policy might play out and this is how it appears - from Olympic Air...
  5. Cruiser Elite

    Regional Destinations - like we ain’t heading OS

    Title says it all - best we have a thread where questions can be asked / responses posted RE Regional Australian destinations. Our June / July Euro sojourn is off the table so we will sub a couple local destinations. First off we want to take a 6 hr drive to Mallacoota mid June - any...
  6. Cruiser Elite

    Happy Bday PENEGAL

    Lynny and I are sharing a bottle of our favourite NV Champs to celebrate the bday of our favourite NV AFF cobber PENEGAL 🥂🍾👍 So sorry we can’t sit and break bread together with you tonight mate - you know it is going to be one big shindig when we can get together again - cheers mate and keep...
  7. Cruiser Elite

    Member Offers 15% discount off Electric Bicycles

    Here is an exciting Discount Promotion for ALL AFF Members – 15% Discount off ALL TEBCO Electric Bicycles and Electric Tricycle's. TEBCO offers quality affordable Electric Bicycles and Electric Tricycles to all Australian destinations combined with industry leading back-up and support...
  8. Cruiser Elite

    This is NOT a Formal Social Event

    As per title This is NOT a Formal Social Event but on Wednesday evening March 25 at 19:30 I will be attending Olive Tree Restaurant at 19 Park St Sth Melb to partake in drinks and dinner. I intend to do my best to support my favourite restaurants whilst I still can. There will be plenty spare...
  9. Cruiser Elite

    China Visit - who’s betting?

    Following on from ‘Would You Visit China’ thread/poll and considering that my China visit Feb 16 to 25 had to be cancelled - my next visit to China is booked for Mar 18 to 27 - where are the punters out there in AFF land? What are my chances sufficient normality will have returned to permit this...
  10. Cruiser Elite

    MEL Corona Wake [Olive Tree, Wed 4th November @8:00pm]

    Who is available Wed 19 to cry into our Coronas red wine at OT and enjoy one of Emilio’s sensational $51 300g Wagyu eye fillets? Usual attendance criteria applies (strict enforcement): * Colour pic of the Donald replacing loved family members in wallet to be shown to gain admittance * No commo...
  11. Cruiser Elite

    Would you visit China?

    I have business in China that I really would like to attend to in next couple weeks - cities I would be visiting are Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou - all a minimum 757km from Wuhan- would you go?
  12. Cruiser Elite

    Free to Good Home

    1 x 1:400 scale BA 767:300 Die-Cast Collectible model- no idea where/ how / when I acquired this but I def do not intend to house it any longer - no takers then off to Opp Shop she goes. I am in MEL so bear that in mind
  13. Cruiser Elite

    Know your airlines?

    Here’s a chance to test AFFers knowledge - post a pic - any pic - anything onboard during your flight - let’s see who can identify the airline?
  14. Cruiser Elite

    Car Rental - Brokers or Direct?

    Very rarely do I rent cars in Australia and have zero allegiance to any company - so bearing that in mind what are general thoughts on using a broker / comparison site v booking direct with a company? I did use vroomvroomvroom earlier this year when in PER and it seemed pretty good
  15. Cruiser Elite

    Taxis for Grown Ups

    The purpose of this thread is the open and honest recommendations of QUALITY PROFESSIONAL TAXI SERVICES in the various Australian States If you do or have used such a service and you can post contact details please do so. Whilst Uber, DiDi and Ola many times provide cheaper alternatives to...
  16. Cruiser Elite


    As per title PA (PAL) showing ret J MEL-MNL-PVG / PVG-MNL-MEL for ~A$1,930 Nov 6 dep / Nov 14 ret - have not checked any other dates and have not flown PR in a decade due to their 2nd rate hard and soft product. Only drawback is ~20+ connections but hey such is life. A few here are crowing how...
  17. Cruiser Elite

    Computer Advice - Techos -> Non-Techos [Remote PC access while travelling?]

    I am fully aware there are many computer techos here in AFF and hopefully said techos might from time to time assist us computer blonks in matters that are beyond us. I could really benefit from advice regarding a free remote login program that will allow me to login to our work computer from...
  18. Cruiser Elite

    Test Cricket 2019

    Should Steve Smith be reappointed Australian Cricket Captain? And if YES when?
  19. Cruiser Elite

    Coonawarra Roadshow + Olive Tree = My Kinda Night

    Coonawarra Vignerons 'Cellar Door In The City' is on again 17:00 to 20:00 Wednesday August 14 at The Peninsula Central Pier, 161 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands. The Ette and I will definitely be attending for a bit of fun and frivolity and heading to Olive Tree for steak at 20:00 post this event...
  20. Cruiser Elite

    Mobile Phone Signal Booster

    Anybody with any knowledge on Mobile Phone Signal Boosters? Our signal inside office below steel roof just abysmal - walk out the door and huge difference. I see plenty advertised but just wondering do they work? Any recos for a certain brand / model / type?