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  1. Squirrel.Monkey

    Where are ex-QF staff working now?

    I was at a local market in Sydney this last weekend and there was a stall selling lots of dog stuff, clothing, foot lotions and organic biscuits. It was 2 Qantas employees that started the business after they were laid off. The business seems to be going well and speaking to them, they were not...
  2. Squirrel.Monkey

    Any recent experience with SIM card for South Africa

    About 2 years ago, when I flew into Johannesburg there was a Vodafone at the airport, they loaded up the SIM and I think it was around $50 AUD. This lasted me for the 2 weeks that I was there and it was sufficient, speed was good and data amount was good too. Prices and data amounts may differ...
  3. Squirrel.Monkey

    Free 1 x QF Digital Lounge Pass (Exp 17 Feb 2020) GONE

    I'm flying on the 15th if still available. Taking some overseas friends to Melbourne. thanks 1579491902 Sorry, didn't see the gone bit.
  4. Squirrel.Monkey

    NYC to LAX cancellation

  5. Squirrel.Monkey

    NYC to LAX cancellation

    yeh, I sent her a similiar screenshot. her flights are Friday US so 6 Feb there.
  6. Squirrel.Monkey

    NYC to LAX cancellation

    thanks, that's good advice. I will tell her
  7. Squirrel.Monkey

    NYC to LAX cancellation

    My niece is flying back to Sydney tomorrow from NYC on AA and Qantas, her flight from NYC tp LAX (AA) was cancelled and they've put her on a Delta flight, they told her that was the only one they could get her on. I said to her she won't get SC or points, plus it's likely she'll have to collect...
  8. Squirrel.Monkey

    Uber Rewards launches in AU, NZ

    Everyone starts on the same level? Doesn't seem right, should take past trips into account.
  9. Squirrel.Monkey

    Free 3 x complimentary qantas lounge passes

    Sorry, not sure how to edit the title, but only the 2 November one is available.
  10. Squirrel.Monkey

    Free 3 x complimentary qantas lounge passes

    I have 3 qantas lounge passes that expire soon. Your flights need to be more than 24 hours from when I transfer them to use. Sorry for the late post. Sat 02 Nov 2019 Fri 08 Nov 2019 Fri 08 Nov 2019 DM details please, first in best dressed.
  11. Squirrel.Monkey

    Qantas PE to Honolulu?

    I'd use Jetstar Business as a last resort, I had a trip to Thailand earlier in the year and seats were broken, room is minimal and service just OK. I'd rather not go direct that use them again.
  12. Squirrel.Monkey

    Lisbon - Great Capital.

    The Algarve is also beautiful, if you're going in warm weather and like the beach, this is worth it as well.
  13. Squirrel.Monkey

    Lisbon - Great Capital.

    I spent 2 weeks in year for Lisbon for Eurovision last year, loved it. I know 2 separate groups of people that have been robbed at the Air BnBs there. Similar situations as well, stayed there for a week or more and was robbed on their second last days. Left things like passports etc.
  14. Squirrel.Monkey

    Free Qantas Wines $25 Voucher

    I'd love this if it hasn't already been taken, please.
  15. Squirrel.Monkey

    Test Cricket 2019

    Why is this on here? I do not want to read about this.
  16. Squirrel.Monkey

    Uber & Travel SIM card

    I've used Uber in a few countries and had an issue with my AMEX in Auckland recently. So yeh have a couple of methods of payments. You can't use credit from gift cards bought in Australia in other countries either.
  17. Squirrel.Monkey

    Upgrading Jetstar flights with Qantas points?

    Save your points. There is no such thing as Jetstar Business class. I recently flew Jetstar "Business" return to Phuket. It was bad. Not even near Premium economy. On both legs the seats were broken and the leg room is shocking. My advice would be to pay for a n exit row in Economy.
  18. Squirrel.Monkey

    Best sim for Europe

    I've used sim corner and sims direct for all my travel and they have both been very good. If you're buying more than one, one of them have a multi card discount.