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    Strategy to obtain US Amex

    When you did the USA Amex transfer, did you use friends USA address and phone number or some 3rd party provider like MyUS etc ? Would it be ok to use friends address in the application ?
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    JAL PE to Europe from Australia $2243

    Have example dates ?
  3. M

    Marriot Vacation Club

    if i recall correctly its 1 Club = 14 Bonvoy
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    Marriot Vacation Club

    You can convert 50% of your Marriott Vacation Club point to Marriott Reward Points. This applies to Aus Marriott Vacation Club , as USA and Asia Marriott Vacation Club have slightly diff conversion rule
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    Marriot Vacation Club

    i have one. its not for everyone... it works for some but not others... i suggest stay away unless you know you can make it work.
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    buy points upto 100k at 30% discount

    Seems Marriott is offering 100k points at 30% discount. I can only see 50K, can anyone see 100k or we have to buy 50k twice ?
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    David Jones Plat 75k - 295$, Reg 45k DJ MR

    so if you own a normal Amex card, can you still qualify for points with DJ Amex ?
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    Answered any qantas business rewards promo on?

    I got the Amex Qantas biz charge card... seems it allows free registration on Qantas biz awards, lets see what happens thanks for the replies
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    Answered any qantas business rewards promo on?

    Hi Just wondering if anyone knows of a promo to join qantas business rewards for free currently ? Thanks B
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    Answered Platinum Business Card - Supplementary Card

    Thanks for the info... ok found the link for the biz sup cards so yes the sup biz plat cards gets benefits as well Business Supplementary Cards
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    Answered Anyone else unable to activate new Bonvoy promo?

    it threw an error for me (cant recall the mesg) but it got registered what issue you having ?
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    Answered cashrewards and ebates

    Hi Any one in AUS used or for marriott bookings ? Do you still get reward points etc from marriott for the stay or does it get classed as external site etc so no points ? Thanks B
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    Answered Platinum Business Card - Supplementary Card

    Hi Can someone confirm if the Platinum Business Card - Supplementary Cards get the Hotel Elite status as well ? .eg so all the employees get their own "Gold" membership with Marriott/Hilton etc Thanks B
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    sorry new to this... trying to figure out but getting a headache :) can someone PM me which dragon they use also what is best to use for Amex with rewardp b2bp since EBP doesnt do Amex
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    St Regis Melbourne...

    Stayed at a number of St.Regis in Asia and USA and find it to be very good and customer service is exceptional I prefer St.Regis over Ritz... was a Ritz fan but after staying at St.Regis, prefer it.
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    Gold Elite Renewal

    I did the Plat challenge over Dec/Jan , initially it showed less days to renew... but now it shows 50 days to renew Plat so keep an eye on the app it could change.
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    Should I wait or apply now

    Hi With the changes kicking in from April 15th on Amex, do you think the sign up points bonus will increase or stay the same or decrease ? and will the cards offered by banks, will the sign up bonus change as well ? So should i wait and see what happens or should i apply for a card now ...