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  1. RSD

    QF 95/96 - have they always only been Mondays and Fridays?

    I went to book a midweek evening flight on 95 out of Melbourne and was somewhat stunned to discover that it only flew on Mondays and Fridays - has that always been the case?
  2. RSD

    What time does QF checkin open at LAX?

    I know that there is a whole bunch of QF flights out of LAX to Oz each night but does anyone know what time the checkin counters open for the earliest flight?
  3. RSD

    240v power in QF A380 economy?

    Does anyone know if there is 240v power outlets in economy on the QF A380's? I'm on QF7 tomorrow and at at T-20 or so I haven't received any upgrade notifications
  4. RSD

    Anyone else going to AirAdventure/Oshkosh?

    Doing MEL-SYD-DFW-ORD on Saturday then overnighting in Chicago before flying to Appleton on the Sunday. Anyone else here going?
  5. RSD

    What is fair compensation? Bumped from a QF flight that I had a boarding pass for

    Arrived into Sydney this morning from Bangkok on QF24 and after clearing customs etc I got to the domestic tranfer bus bag drop in time for my QF415 connection only to find out that I had been bumped from the flight for reasons unknown even though I had a boarding pass issued in Bangkok. The...
  6. RSD

    QFF Loyalty Bonus Questions

    A couple of quick questions about the Loyalty Bonus for reaching 500 SC's in a membership year - do the extra SC's earned during double SC promotions count towards the 500 SC's required for the Loyalty Bonus? - how do you select/choose between the 8000 FF points or the 50 SC's when you reach...
  7. RSD

    QF non-stop MEL & SYD to LHR and SYD to JFK to begin before the end of the year...

    Qantas’ plan to ‘revolutionise’ air travel Seems like Joyce & Co plus either Boeing or Airbus have found a solution
  8. RSD

    Incredible problems getting a refund from Qantas

    Has anyone else had to go through a ridiculous amount of time and process to get a refund of a ticket from Qantas? According to an email I received from QF the refund was processed on the 5th of March, but despite my best efforts and those of Nicky at the QF call centre in Hobart to get it...
  9. RSD

    Any predictions for upcoming QF offers to the U.S.?

    Had the misfortune to receive notification of a training course in the U.S. at midnight the other day - precisely the same time as the double SC's offer closed. Have to go to Dulles and have a few weeks before I need to book so was wondering if anyone has received a sniff of any upcoming offers...
  10. RSD

    Answered Bags delayed by two days - but which airline to hassle for compensation?

    My outbound legs were interesting to say the least - its not often that the airline send you to a different airport without telling you but I will save the detail on that for the trip report when I get a chance to write it. Amongst the craziness my bags finally found me about 48 hours after I...
  11. RSD

    Answered Is there a Dummies Guide to Uber?

    I'm off to the U.S. next Saturday for a quick business trip, and after getting stung in L.A. by a taxi on the last trip I'm going to give Uber a go for the very first time - is there a dummies guide on how to use Uber anywhere? I know pretty much nothing about Uber so I need to learn the basics...
  12. RSD

    Qantas Business Rewards weirdness

    Booked a multicity through QF Business Rewards website, basically three QF legs then an AA flight no. leg to get to destination and AA, AA, QF to get home again, but the system wouldn't give the business rewards discount. After about two hours of firstly website chat then phone calls the answer...
  13. RSD

    QF Sydney - Vancouver - do they still fly that route?

    I'm looking for QF flights from Sydney to Vancouver in early December but can't seem to find any non-stop flights - does Qantas still fly that route?
  14. RSD

    Cancellation of Flex Y seats paid by BPay through business rewards?

    Just wondering if anyone has cancelled a Flex Y booking that was paid by BPay in Qantas Business Rewards - do they just send out a cheque or do you receive a credit in your Business Rewards account or...? And how long does it take to receive the credit / refund?
  15. RSD

    Melbourne to Cebu urgently

    I've just had a call about a friend that has become very ill while travelling in the Phillipines and so I need to get to Cebu in a hurry from Melbourne to help ensure that she gets good medical care. Unfortunately I'm not across the many various airlines that fly to that part of the world as I...
  16. RSD

    Arriving international in MEL question

    I've got a friend arriving into Melbourne next week from LAX and I want to surprise them by meeting them at the airport - but for the life of me I can't remember whether there is one exit from the customs/baggage claim area (hopefully) or two or more exits (which will make surprising them a lot...
  17. RSD

    QF MEL - SYD - MNL - what could possibly go wrong?

    Normally when I write a trip report I like to focus on the positives and not worry about delays etc because I just figure that they happen for a reason and are usually beyond the airlines control. Unfortunately this trip report is going to be different... First leg was QF414 MEL - SYD on...
  18. RSD

    Checking in Domestic Leg connecting to International?

    I'm having a seniors moment - checking in tomorrow morning on a QF domestic MEL-SYD connecting to QF International flight from SYD to Manila - I presume that for the domestic leg where my bags will be checked all the way to Manila I only need to be checked in about an hour before the domestic...
  19. RSD

    L.A. for two days - ex-MEL on QF - Dreamliner and A380 in Y

    A very short quick trip report as I'm pressed for time. Had to go to Torrance in California for two days last week for training on some new equipment. Torrance is about 13km SSE from LAX airport, and is part residential, part corporate headquaters for a lot of medium sized U.S. companies...
  20. RSD

    Charging Devices in Y on QF 787's?

    Can anyone tell me what the charging options are for electronic devices in economy on the Qantas Dreamliners? Flying out to L.A. on QF95 tonight and ideally would like to charge a laptop.