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  1. davidj

    Status match, other goodies for Virgin members

    I wonder if Qantas will do this following the instability on the other side. As well as being a good marketing campaign to drum up business for Qantas, it may cushion the blow for many VA members who could potentially lose thousands of miles and their status. It could certainly be a helping...
  2. davidj

    SIA working from home

    Good to see crew keeping sharp!
  3. davidj

    Can E/F be used to alert on Cancelled Flights

    What's the best way to setup an alert for cancelled flights? Would "New Flight Schedule Alert" trigger an alert if the flight was marked as cancelled (as opposed to a timing change)?
  4. davidj

    Virgin in Singapore (VA9942 Fokker 100 at Seletar)

    Interesting to see VA in Singapore this morning, as a Fokker. Charter flight I presume, although yesterday's flight seemed to be a joyflight... On the way to PHE now, which would be one of few ports in AU it could reach from XSP?
  5. davidj

    Changes to baggage allowance

    It appears UAE have cut 5kg baggage allowance from economy special and saver fares. Economy Class Ticket issued: Special - Saver - Flex - Flex Plus Before 4 February 2019: 20 kg - 30 kg - 30 kg - 35 kg After 4 February 2019: 15 kg - 25 kg - 30 kg - 35 kg Checked bags | Baggage | Before you...
  6. davidj

    Premium Economy Baggage Allowance

    I'm trying to book 1 ticket DOM x INT (eg. SYD-BNE-HKG, same day) on premium economy and the booking engine supposedly suggests I have a 30kg baggage allowance. Elsewhere on the Qantas site, I'm led to believe I receive 40kg, as I've "purchased international and domestic flights and these are...
  7. davidj

    TransferWise Referral - Free forex transfer

    For those wanting cheap (or free for referrals) transfers to overseas bank accounts, TransferWise is worth looking at. Really low fees, and it appears to have one of the better exchange rates in the market (close to mid market with small spreads) Click here: Transfer Money Online | Send Money...
  8. davidj

    Paraplegic man who dragged himself through terminal sues Luton Airport

    Paraplegic man sues airport after dragging himself through terminal As per the thread title. He was offered a wheelchair but refused as it would affect his "independence". While a sad story, I feel like at the airport he should be using the available equipment at hand and swallow any pride?
  9. davidj

    Dash 8 stolen at SEA

    A Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 aircraft operated by Alaska Airlines subsidiary Horizon Air was stolen from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) on Friday night with no passengers on board by a 29-year old airline mechanic. The mechanic had a few screws loose? Horizon Air Q400 Crashes After...
  10. davidj

    Incident: Malaysia A333 at BNE on Jul 18th 2018

    A serious incident occured on MAS 134 leaving BNE where the pitot tubes were covered resulting in unreliable airspeed. Luckily MAS retrurned to BNE, landing safely albeit with hydraulic issues and loss of nose steering. Incident: Malaysia A333 at Brisbane on Jul 18th 2018, unreliable airspeed...
  11. davidj

    Inconsistencies in airport security around the world

    I've just come back from another trip around the world and I'm partially fascinated and partially concerned with the varying ways each airport and jurisdiction processes pax from landside to airside to aircraft. It makes me wonder that some processes are essentially a hindrance (it doesn't need...
  12. davidj

    New Herringbone seating (in reverse)

    I saw this a few days ago and thought I'd share. o_O The FA agreed he'd never seen this before. Maybe I've been sitting in it wrong all this time?
  13. davidj

    Aussie woman dies in Fiji

    Sydney woman dies of septicaemia on Fiji honeymoon Condolences to the family. I couldn't help but wonder about: Why would they waste time organizing a Gofundme for urgent travel? Surely flights from Fiji to Sydney are relatively affordable, and they could have left before they needed a...
  14. davidj

    Booking.com $25 off bookings (cash back)

    Simply $25 cash back on any hotel you book through Booking.com, and you need to use the following link: https://www.booking.com/s/dsjeri90 Book using the link and stay at your accommodation, and you and I will earn AUD 25. Happy booking!
  15. davidj

    1-month free internet access and unlimited data with Vividwireless

    Hi all. I've just signed up and notice they will give anyone else who uses a referral code free internet for a month (and me too). Internet runs over the Optus 4G LTE network with speeds capped to 10Mbps down. Plans include an unlimited plan for $89/month. More information from Wireless...
  16. davidj

    Qantas, Australia's new LCC?

    Hopefully the title didn’t hit too many nerves here, this thread is meant to be objective as possible! I recently had the pleasure of flying a Qantas flight for the very first time a few weeks ago, usually having flown Virgin. With these ‘fresh’ set of eyes I thought I would be worthwhile...
  17. davidj

    OLCI Boarding Pass - Security Number and other Q's

    Just checked in for a trip. Noticed that on the BP there is a security number, with 3 and 4 the numbers printed on two passenger BP's. What do these numbers mean? Also is it possible that after check in online it may be possible to be upgraded to a higher class behind the scene, or are any...
  18. davidj

    NZ126 turn back to Melbourne Airport?

    Just noticed an aircraft heading back to Melbourne (from eastern Victoria) with engines on high throttle. Had a quick look on the MEL flight radar. Noticed that NZ126 was going outbound, with that flight the only flight with a route over eastern Victoria at this time. Now (if that was the...
  19. davidj

    Qantas holding pattern NZ-Melbourne May morning 2009

    I took these photos on 19 May at 8.30am, and now have the chance to finally share! Correct me if I am wrong but I'm assuming a Qantas flight from NZ. Melbourne was in thick fog this morning, and it surely was a very fresh morning. Photos taken from eastern Victoria. Sorry for the poor quality...
  20. davidj

    AMEX Application declined

    Recently applied for a Plat. Money Back card, and got the usual rejection letter (2 identical letters actually). In my application I did not mention my current Earth AMEX card; would this have aided my application? From what I've gathered from this thread I won't be applying for this card...