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    Linking 2 separate SQ bookings (one direct with KF, one via VFF)

    Can anyone advise if a SQ(F) award ticket KIX-SIN (booked direct with SQ), can be flown together with separate award ticket SQ(J) SIN-ADL booking (booked via Velocity), without requiring clearing customs in SIN? Wishing to confirm if checked bags can be sent all the way through to final...
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    1x $25 Jetstar Hotel Voucher (exp. 4th Aug)

    Another $25 Jetstar Hotel voucher up for grabs. Expires 4th August. First member with 25+ posts to contact me/post here gets it!
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    1x 32kg bag permitted in place of 2x 23kg allowance?

    Apologies if this has been covered off on in the past - but I'm having trouble finding any information regarding this. Will Virgin Australia allow 1 heavier bag (circa 27-28kg) in place of my allowance of 2x 23kg? Or will I need to stump up some cash for extra baggage?
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    1x $25 Jetstar Hotel Voucher

    I have a $25 Jetstar hotel voucher available - expires 6th June 2018. First in best dressed. Reply in thread, or send me a PM.
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    2x Virgin Lounge Passes - 31 May 2018 Expiry

    I have 2x Virgin Lounge Passes available - unfortunately very short expiry (31st May 2018). Happy to pass them on to an active AFF (20+ posts) member so they don't go to waste! Send me a message/reply in this thread, and I will make a decision as to the winner!
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    Jetstar $25 Hotel Voucher - Expires TODAY - 3rd April 2018

    Just realised I had this coupon sitting in my inbox from a recent booking. Coupon received 20th March 2018 - with 14 day validity, so it expires today! (3rd April 2018) First in best dressed - hopefully it can be of some use to someone
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    Point slow / not crediting to account?

    Is anyone else not receiving points from FlyBuys as quickly as normal? Points have always arrived in my account by the night following spend, but this week I am still yet to receive points from 3 days ago. Am I the only one?