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    Two QFi aircraft dumping fuel of Sydney

    Qantas: Two planes make emergency return to Sydney after engineering issues
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    Interesting Videos

    Secret Life of Long Haul Flight QF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkyklo64ku4 Look at 7:47 does that say she is staff?
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    Skippers aircraft makes emergency landing

    Perth news services are reporting a Skippers aircraft experienced a engine problem on take off and made a safe emergency landing at Perth. None of the 50 on board where injured Mining companies charter Skippers Aviation for flights to and from Minesites through out WA and NT
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    Perth international terminal evacuted

    Perth news services are reporting Perth international terminal is being evacuated due to a fire alarm.
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    As a kid, I dreamed of flying this as the ultimate indulgence

    Years ago I would have said the ultimate flight would have been British Airways, First Class, Concorde, Heathrow to New York So what is the dream flight indulgence today?
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    QF international reward availability

    Playing around with QF rewards for a flight between Perth and NY and I never see a QF flight. There always seems to be availability with EK, CX and Qatar.... Does anyone have insight into how QF reimburse the other airlines for rewards seats? Logically surely it would be cheaper to release...
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    Tiger Air costs / losses are they covered by travel insurance

    With the current issue with Tiger and with every media outlet showing people complaining about missed holidays additional cost, etc I would have thought, this is the purpose of why you should have travel insurance, am i right or wrong?
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    Etihad Residence Flight Review

    Is this what we all strive for? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1R2sOr6vZqo
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    RTW in F advice

    Luckily enough to have accumulated more QFF points than normal, with many thanks to the advice from AFF. Looking to celebrate major birthdays and anniversaries by blowing 840K QFF points on a F dream trip. My thinking would be a RTW ticket, but unsure of where to go. If this was you what...
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    Longest time you have gone with out flying

    As a reader / member of AFF what is the longest you have gone with out flying?
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    Warning light turns back Sydney to Dubai flight

    Warning light turns back Sydney to Dubai flight
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    Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa Aussie parternship

    Singapore airlines and Lufthansa have a submission in with the federal government about a business partnership. Their plan is to offer price competitive flights to Europe in direct competition with Middle East airlines. Submission is expected to be approved by November. Reported on Skynews...
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    Solar Panels

    Sick and tired of getting ever increasing power bills can any one recommend a good solar panel provider in WA? Synergy frustrate me, had a conversation with them today and asked them to explain how my bill / number of units I use has increased on the current bill, when the spa and...
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    Etihad Discount

    Etihad are offering Perth Wildcats members a 10% on Etihad books by using the code wild16
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    EK Advice which way in F or J?

    Looking to book Perth - NYC, with one way in J and 1 way in F, which way in F? Should I maximize time in Dubai to enjoy the hospitality?
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    Canada Tourist Visa Changes

    Visitors to Canada will now require eTA before entering the country Starting March 15, 2016, visa-exempt foreign nationals (who fly to or transit through Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travellers with a valid visa. If you...
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    Jetstar Credit Card

    How do you cancel them?
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    TR - Perth - Melbourne - Auckland - Queenstown - Sydney - Perth

    This trip will contain many first experiences - QF new J layout - QF new J lounge in Perth - First flight with Emirates - First flight on a A380 - First time to NZ - Clazgirls first time in Melbourne
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    Melbourne Christmas Day

    Coming to Melbourne on Christmas eve and looking for a recommendation for lunch or dinner on Christmas day. Booked to stay at Hilton Southbank, something close would be ideal, but comments posted on AFF are places around there are ordinary. Recommendations please
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    QFi e-tickets

    First time in 4 years flying internationally with QFi, when do they issue the e-ticket? Flights booked for 24th December and we haven't received yet, whilst our domestic ones we have