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    CASHREWARDS referrals!

    Apologies for any confusion with my wording. I should have said that the $10 offer in the old links has expired. Using those links should still work for the current $5 promotion. Hopefully, our posts help avoid any disappointment from people hoping to get $10. Earn $5 by using my Cashrewards...
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    CASHREWARDS referrals!

    Earn $5 by using my Cashrewards referral link. I will also earn $5. Cashrewards - Australia's No 1 Savings and Cashback Website Thank you! (Unfortunately, the old $10 links have expired and the new promotion is $5. Which is still better than a poke in the eye!)
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    Christmas Bonus Of Up To 10,000 Velocity Points (2018)

    Do the estore points have to come through by the date to count? Or is pending status enough?
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    How long after reducing credit limit will this be reflected on credit file?

    One and a half months ago, I reduced my Citibank free for life credit limit to the minimum $15,000 and closed a credit card from a different bank (total over $50,000 reduction in my available credit). I did this as I intend to apply for the St George bank credit card and want to increase my...
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    Woolworths gift card thread

    As per ozbargain, Lifestyle Solutions WorldMark has increased their discount on Woolworths gift cards to 7.5%. This option is not available to most of us but are there any other places that will also increase the discount?
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    NAB Qantas Signature 115k QF points for $395 AF - Pointhacks exclusive

    Can someone please tell me what income proof NAB request for this card? As I have income from multiple sources, I would like to know what they request. Thanks.
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    American Express Explorer Referrals now live - 110,000 points!

    Re: Your Karma balance will reward you too. AMEX best offer IMO. I would be hugely appreciative if anyone wants to use my link. I haven't had anyone use it yet. I used someones link from earlier in this thread. Apart from the great value this card offers - 110,000 points + $400 travel...
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    American Express Explorer Referrals now live - 110,000 points!

    Re: Your Karma balance will reward you too. AMEX best offer IMO. I have previously done this.It is a good tip in case anyone is not aware. What I am more interested in though is: can you add yourself four times for four additional cards? ie. My Name A/c, My Name A/c 2, My Name A/c 3, My Name...
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    Flybuys Targeted Bonus Promotions

    I am struggling to think of what to buy tomorrow for the last day of the 2nd week of the 4 week deal. I may have to give up on the 4 week deal. Normally if I ran out of ideas, I would do Opal recharge (NSW Public Transport card). But I have too much Opal credit already over multiple cards...
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    Bankwest Transaction account [General Discussion]

    I notice someone mentioned they had opened multiple accounts. Are we allowed to open multiple accounts? If yes, why worry about trying to get multiple cards on one account if we can just open many accounts with different cards?
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    ANZ first of the Big Four to Introduce Apple Pay

    I originally thought Apple Pay would be great. But I gave up using it after a couple of uses with my Amex card. When you use Apple Pay your phone will scan your fingerprint which is very inconvenient. Holding your phone on the eftpos machine whilst waiting for your phone to scan your...
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    Bankwest Transaction account [General Discussion]

    Hi, When are points issued? I recently opened an account and have received 3 statements so far and they all have 0 points on them. Each of the three statements have been issued about a week apart. I guess because doing 50-100 transactions per day makes the statement issue earlier than...
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    FINALLY! - Citi launching Citi Prestige with Visa Infinite

    If you usually always pay your monthly statement in full, it would be worthwhile for you to call Citibank and explain that you made a mistake and ask if they could reverse the interest charges this time. If you have a good history and have already paid the statement balance now, there is a good...
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    NAB Premium Rewards Card 40k bonus QFF Points with $0 annual fee first year

    I probably shouldn't have said a lot of work. I have had a credit card with NAB for more than 10 years. I migrated to this card maybe around 5 years ago. During the time at NAB I have had my credit limit increased many times. One of my concerns with closing and applying again for the account...
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    NAB Premium Rewards Card 40k bonus QFF Points with $0 annual fee first year

    If I already have this card is there any way to take advantage of this offer? I guess I would need to close my account and then apply again? Which is a lot of work. Has anyone had experience with calling to cancel the card and mentioning the sign up bonus and getting the points without...
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    Where can I find the daily AmEx foreign currency exchange rate for cards?

    Never use PayPal. They are always worse. PayPal is around 5% whereas Amex is around 2-3%.
  17. O - Amex promotion - Free Premium membership

    A couple of months ago myus advertised a 20% reduction in their shipping rates. What they failed to mention was they also changed the dimensional weight from a factor from 300 to 139. So before I rarely had things get extra dimensional weight charges, but now most of my shipments do. However...
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    Paying with my CC for family member, do they need to show CC

    You wouldn't need to worry about presenting the credit card unless a clear warning was given when you did the booking. So if you hadn't been drinking when you made the booking, and you saw no warning, then you wouldn't need to present the card. Whilst some airlines want the card to be sighted...
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    Qantas customer service – will they ever learn

    As a bronze, I also very rarely wait more than a couple of minutes. Your calls are within 12 hours of each other so likely just an extra busy period or problem with their queue system or something. As a bronze, you (& also me) are not very important to Qantas in the scheme of things. So...
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    Qantas sticking to charging passengers for carbon tax

    But you forget the big picture. What happens is other airlines (eg. Singapore airlines, Thai airlines, Malaysia airlines, China airlines etc etc.) don't have to pay any carbon tax so they become more competitive and can offer lower prices than Australian airlines so Australians will chose...