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    Free Mega Giveaway III

    Item 106, I think. Prize 14, 15 or 16 (basically, L or M pyjamas) please. Thanks for doing this.
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    Sydney Transfer - Dom -> Int

    Yes, it's the itinerary. It's also the receipt and the e-ticket.
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    Sydney Transfer - Dom -> Int

    Effectively nothing. SYD-HKG isn't mentioned at all. All it says is: "Please note that you may be charged to take additional ... baggage on sectors ... that are not operated by Virgin Atlantic." I see that as a possibility. Not a possibility that is desirable, and which I would decline if...
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    Sydney Transfer - Dom -> Int

    Thanks for all the advice and suggestions. I'll hope to get the baggage checked all the way through from MEL, but expect to have to lug it from domestic to international at Sydney. I've booked a domestic flight that gets into SYD at 09:55, giving me 4 hours. I expect to be in the international...
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    Sydney Transfer - Dom -> Int

    While you were posting, I was talking to a lovely lady at CX, who confirmed that. As I said originally, I'll live with paying the excess on the domestic sectors. On the way back, I'll be able to drop my bags with QF at the international terminal, so I won't have to lug them over to domestic...
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    Sydney Transfer - Dom -> Int

    One PNR for MEL-SYD, another PNR for SYD-LHR. I have asked QF about getting bags checked through, and they don't do it as it's a VS ticket. CX and VS are on the same VS ticket with a single PNR. QF will be a completely different (as yet unbooked) ticket.
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    Sydney Transfer - Dom -> Int

    Later this year, I'm going to London on a Tuesday. Going from Melbourne to Sydney with Qantas (QC member). Then I'm on a different ticket through to London: Cathay from Sydney to Hong Kong and Virgin Atlantic from Hong Kong to London. The return trip is the reverse. As VS have such an insane...
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    A list of what I want to do in London...please help me fit it all in! :)

    As someone has already said, 3 days is just not enough, even to get a taste of London. I've done the Tower of London twice: once when I was 8; and once when I was 48. I loved it both times. Took my daughter (then 16) on the second visit and despite her not-so-silent misgivings - "I'm only going...
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    [Offer Closed]: Citibank Gold NO ANNUAL FEE FOR LIFE

    I applied for the offer some time ago. I "declared" my existing Visa, Amex and (silver) Citibank credit cards, and said that if the application was successful, I would cancel the existing silver card. I was rejected. About 4 weeks later, it was time for the annual renewal on the silver card...
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    Rewards Maximiser Gone?

    I may be wrong, but I am fairly sure it was in the "Compare Cards" a little while (a few days?) ago. Had to take my partner through the whys-and-whynots of getting a Supplementary card. Other than that, I do tend to agree with you. There does seem to be a trend to "encourage" people to move to...
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    Must do event.....

    Oh, so that's who/what Shannon Noll is/are. [Note to self ... no, I probably don't want to "get out" more.]
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    Rewards Maximiser Gone?

    Was just checking my AmEx account, and it seems that the Rewards Maximiser is no longer offered. (I'm fairly sure it was there yesterday.) Doesn't show up at all in their "Compare Cards". Wonder if they are shutting down the program completely and will be pushing us to switch to a different...
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    Qantas Club "life" memberships extinct

    I think you'll find that the current Rules say that life members can have a new card every two years - "7.3 Life and Senior Life Qantas Club Members are allowed one free replacement Card every two years." I can't see anywhere in the Rules that says they will send you new ones automatically...
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    QF Premium Economy

    Great circle distances (miles): SYD-LHR = 10573 SYD-DXB-LHR = 10902 SYD-SIN-LHR = 10672 So, what is 230 miles worth of fuel for an A380 worth? To keep this on-thread, I'm already a fan of WT+ (cough, op-ups to J, cough), so QF will need to persuade me ... and I'd prefer to stop-over in SIN...
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    QF Premium Economy

    Interesting that the article in the paper, as opposed to the on-line version, finishes with this paragraph: "Mr Dixon also said it was likely the new superjumbo [the A380] would begin services to Dubai." I wonder is this is a new service? If it will then go through to LHR? And does it mean...
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    Has anyone here *never* been in Business or First?

    To use Shano's template: 1 Int'l First op-up - BA 3 Int'l Business paid - BA 2 Int'l Business op-up - BA 1 Int'l Business points upgrade - Qantas 3 Premium Economy - BA 1 domestic Business points upgrade - Ansett All the rest in Y - not that I'm a great flyer, compared to many here, unfortunately!
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    I love Changi airport

    I'm not as nearly experienced as most others here, so I'm always very impressed by (the staff at) Changi. From arrival, having trolleys available almost at the plane's door, through immigration and customs, and luggage pick-up, to departure and the check-in staff, customs and immigration on the...
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    A bit of humour

    I know some are a loonnggg way over 50, and some of you nearly there, but thought that you might get a smile out of this one anyhow. Just came across this exercise suggested for the over 50's and the unfit to build muscle strength in the arms and shoulders. It seems so easy so I thought...
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    Auckland-Sydney Points Upgrade?

    Thanks for the advice, Serfty, but the flight isn't until March, so the "door" doesn't open until December. And I'll put the request in as soon as I can (as you said, I can always cancel it), as I do like to be at the front of a queue ... rather than at the back.
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    Auckland-Sydney Points Upgrade?

    Many thanks for the responses, folks. It looks as though it's an International. Row 23 has seats only at D, E, J and K according to While is showing the same in Y, and J as being 1-2-2. Currently, I'm in row 25. I've got a few weeks before I'm allowed...