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Search results

  1. scwappy

    Bonus points Coles catalogue

    How long do bonus points from the purchase of gift cards detailed in the Coles weekly catalogue usually take to post? I thought it was overnight with the standard points but it hasn't come through for a Netflix gift card I recently purchased. Thanks
  2. scwappy

    EY J award flights following changes

    Just interested in people views if they would still book J award flights on EY using velocity points given the dramatic increases in carrier surcharges back last year? Availability to ports in Europe is pretty wide open for wide dates but the cost would be circa $1,200 and 278k in points. Given...
  3. scwappy

    Cheap Fare SYD-DUB

    Hi I managed to book a cheap return flight from SYD-DUB for $1,200 (flying Etihad) return through STA on line. I have received the confirmation but it has not been ticked as yet. All the cheap fares they were advertising this morning have now gone with minimum fare $2,200. Is there anyway they...
  4. scwappy

    Citi Signature Free for Life - Qantas Rewards

    Hi Just checking to see if any one is on the free for life Signature card, but receiving QF points rather than Citi rewards?
  5. scwappy

    Downgrade PER to BME

    Hi. I logged onto a booking from PER to BME in December which was booked in J but has been downgraded to Y as it looks QF no longer run a J sector on this route . (This was booked using AA miles.) Do you think I would be entitled to any compensation from QF in this instance?
  6. scwappy

    Waitlist and points expiry

    Hi . I'm about to waitlist a reward flight in suites but have some points that will likely expire before it clears. I'm assuming this may cause issues??
  7. scwappy

    Accor plus favourites

    Just experienced my first use of the Accor Plus dining benefits at Q dining in circular quay. Impressions were the food was nice, but not great, and the service did not live up to the price of the food at all. However with an $80 saving on food it came to be reasonable value...... Still would...
  8. scwappy

    Careem- Middle East Uber

    If anyone is travelling in the UAE, if you sign up for Careem, an Uber type service you receive a free 1st ride. This was enough to get from AUH into the city as a car was not provided on my fare. Good service, car was same quality as Uber Black, even though it was the cheaper Uber X version I...
  9. scwappy

    Domestic Check In

    I have an coming flight SYD-BNE (QF)-AUH-EDI (EY) all on the same ticket. Is it possible to check in and drop the bags off in the morning and return to the airport later to board the flight? Thanks in advance
  10. scwappy

    Possible to change name on award ticket?

    Have a flight booked on CX using QFF points, classic award. He now cannot travel with me as work commitments have come up. I'm still going however. Is it possible to change the name to take some law instead? I've read the website but am still unsure. Thanks in advance
  11. scwappy

    Downgrade of Coast to Coast Services

    I remember seeing advertised somewhere all SYD-PER services were to be on A330. This seems to have quickly changed with the 1730 flight from Jan 2014 been downgraded to a 737 service. Anyone know more?
  12. scwappy

    Flying Qatar using QF points

    Anyone know a way of check king reward availability using QF points flying Qatar?
  13. scwappy

    Airline signs removed at SYD on departures

    Dropped Scooby off at the airport today and the airline signs on the right hand side of the road (indicating check in positions) have been replaced with generic "Sydney Airport" signs. I guess I knew I was at Sydney airport, but didn't know where Virgin was......
  14. scwappy

    Help picking a new card

    I have an currently have an EK Citi Platinum card which is a mastercard earning 1.5pts per $. It was pretty good, until the EK programme lost its attractiveness, and continues to do so following the alliance with QF. So looking for a new card. Any one have any suggestions given the following...
  15. scwappy

    Using QF Points to fly EK

    I'm looking at flying to Europe next year and ideally would like to fly On EK metal using QF points -classic award. For certain dates I can see 'D' class availability on EK using expert flyer, which is the class I thought these fares may book into. however on QF site for the same dates etc it...
  16. scwappy

    Trans Tasman Check Question

    Does any one know how early you can check in for Tasman flights from SYD to AKL, either at the kiosk or in person. I will have no baggage and ideally would like to check in at lunch time and go straight to the airport for a 1720 flight. Alternatively they do so you must be checked in 90...
  17. scwappy

    Another Jetstar complaint

    So. I was silly enough to book a Jetstar flight from ZQN to AKL next January as the times were very convenient. They since altered the time by 1 hr 45 minutes which means I would be pushing it to make an International flight later that evening. I called their contact centre to ask for a...
  18. scwappy

    Why no online check in for International Flights

    Most other airlines offer on line check in for International flights, QF, EK , BA etc. Does anyone know the reason for DJ not offering this useful feature?
  19. scwappy

    Plans for Virgin Australia NZ

    Does anyone know if there are plans to upgrade the Virgin Australia NZ fleet, and if so, are there firm dates as yet? Thanks Scwappz
  20. scwappy

    Travel Insurance for Bookings originating outside of Oz

    I often buy air tickets originating from Europe return to Australia as they can be much better value. As travel insurance states the journey must begin in Australia, is insurance still valid in these cases? Thanks