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    4.5 hours in Abu Dhabi airport starting about 6am, two adults, two kids aged 6 and 10

    Hi Hive Brain Hoping this is the right place to ask. I have 4.5 hours in Abu Dhabi airport starting about 6am, two adults, two kids aged 6 and 10. I'd like to get a hotel room, but the airport hotel only seems to operate between 9am and 9pm. Or if there's another, I can't find how to price...
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    Abu Dhabi international airport time to kill

    Hi Hive Brain Hoping this is the right place to ask. I have 4.5 hours in Abu Dhabi airport starting about 6am, two adults, two kids aged 6 and 10. I'd like to get a hotel room, but the airport hotel only seems to operate between 9am and 9pm. Or if there's another, I can't find how to price...
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    Etihad Guest Family Membership

    Does anyone have any experience of this? The website says to phone up to arrange it, but that can take a long time with Etihad sometimes! So a few questions for the hive mind: is it easy to set up? are existing points pooled, or just newly-earned points? do children earn points, and at what...
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    Problems with upgrading with points

    Okay, settle in boys and girls, because this is quite a long read. I think there's a truism about Etihad that their product is really good, but their administration and bureaucracy can fail dismally. This experience provides further evidence. I booked tickets to fly to Dublin from Sydney with...
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    Etihad Fare Bases and changing them?

    Me again - I booked flights through Flybuys - cheaper than I expected! I recommend trying them. Unfortunately, their booking engine didn't allow me to choose the fare basis the way AmEx did (but even after spending quite some time on the phone to AmEx, they still couldn't get me those very same...
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    Various issues - might book through Virgin?

    Tried to book Canberra to Dublin leaving on the morning of 16th December returning 6th January getting back late on the night of the 7th, through American Express (to use a $200 travel credit) and after entering heaps of data, got a message at the end saying the fare is no longer available...
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    How to earn Tier Miles

    I've noticed that I'm about 8000 Tier Miles off Gold status, which would give me back some lounge access lost from Silver Status. Are there any methods other than flights (Etihad only, or also Virgin?) and Flybuys for earning Tier Miles? Do any points transferred from AmEx or Flybuys, or any...
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    Auction upgrade

    Well, here's a surprise. Buy the cheapest fare on Etihad, that isn't eligible for upgrades, and they send you an offer anyway! They describe it as "upselling" your original fare to an upgradeable one, then bidding for the upgrade, but it's all encompassed in the same offer. A bit steep though...
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    Lounge access in Melbourne - no status

    Okay, I've just booked the annual flight to Ireland on Etihad in June, economy class. I am transiting through Melbourne, but no longer have any status with Etihad. Are there any lounges in the international terminal you can pay for access to? I might join Priority Pass for access in Abu Dhabi...
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    EY484 to Brisbane 31 October

    I flew this in Business Class, after paying $1450 through the auction upgrade system. My first ever rear-facing seat, a slightly disorienting experience. And due to this layout, found myself staring straight at some bloke in the second row of Economy during take off and landing... WHY do...
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    Silver loses its shine

    Etihad have announced that Silver status members won't have lounge access except in Abu Dhabi and two other airports. Sadly this will probably be the end of my loyal relationship with Etihad, as less and less sets them apart from other airlines. Now they'll have to compete for my custom, I won't...
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    Economy class - Dublin to Sydney

    People here tend to write about their Business or First Class experiences, but not everyone can travel at the point end (or upstairs!). I just got back from a trip to Ireland which I had to stay in Economy the whole way - despite having the points and money to upgrade, I seemed to have bought a...
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    Premium check-in and other aspects of a trip report

    A few odd experiences from my trip from Sydney to Dublin commenting late on Saturday evening: After spending nearly an hour in the Economy Class check-in queue at Sydney Airport on Saturday evening, I was a little surprised to be told by the person on the desk, that my Etihad Guest Silver...
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    Lounge access in Perth

    I am returning from Dublin to Sydney in a few weeks and have been routed via Perth. So obviously am arriving in the international terminal and departing from domestic terminal. I should be arriving in Business Class, but through an economy fare upgraded with points. I have Silver status with...
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    Aer Lingus and Etihad

    Looking at flights from Sydney to Dublin in July, Aer Lingus is about three quarters the price for Business Class as Etihad, at around 6k. is there a catch? Is there anything I would get by buying direct from Etihad instead of Aer Lingus? I know I will probably miss out on an upgrade auction...
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    Etihad Business Connect

    Does anyone know if Etihad Business Connect miles can be combined with personal miles to get flights, upgrades etc, or even just transferred to the personal account? Pete
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    UK passport interviews

    Was in the UK recently visiting family, and my 17yo niece recounted the tale of her passport interview (why they require them for people born in the country, who knows). Standard questions seem to be along the lines of "how to you get to work/school?" and "where is your nearest shop?". Being a...
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    inaccurate mileage calculator?

    GGGRRR!!!! I am in Ireland (for those of you who haven't read earlier posts). I have 73781 points after the points from my recent flights to here were credited. Etihad's Mileage Calculator...
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    why is Abu Dhabi airport so awful?

    I fly Etihad because I like their in flight service, and their ground service and partners and lounges etc in Australia and Ireland are pretty good (being an Economy Class passenger with Silver status). (Let's not mention the call centre, as you can avoid using that.) But, why, oh why, must...
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    Fare code

    Can anyone tell me how to identify my fare code, for the purposes of calculating how many points I need to upgrade, as it's different for different economy class fare codes. Pete