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    Free Free - Two P1 QF lounge digital passes (First Class lounge included) expiring 31/05/2020

    I will throw my hat in the ring as well, very generous offer!
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    Ausbt rebranded to executive traveler

    True, but they are not limited to Airlines, they can talk about any new hotels that are being opened in Australia, hotel reviews or even just good offers that happens from time to time. No doubt it is harder than a site with a global focus, but it is certainly possible to keep the website full...
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    Wow, Qantas really went downhill nowadays, I remember booking my RTW flight using points before and the wait time on calls was "only" an hour or two (I have no status with Qantas), so now the average wait time is 4 hours?
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    Answered Complimentary Hotel Status via VA Gold- double dip?

    I am currently VA Gold but will drop back to Silver next month due to the lack of eligible sector, can I use the complimentary car and hotel status now (Hertz and IHG Rewards) and use it again when I re-gain gold membership from silver later this year? Or is the complimentary car and hotel...
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    Beware of DCC in Europe

    Great in theory, but is there any Amex cards offered in Australia that waive foreign currency transaction fee? If not then I end up losing by using an Amex card that charges 3% each time vs any no FX fee Visa/MC card.
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    Duty Free booze - why is it still a thing???

    I equate duty free shops in AU to be similar to the Qantas FF programme. For most people, they would go and buy a bottle of Penfolds in the duty free shop, which is similar to redeeming QF points for a Y flight where the tax and surcharge is greater than the cost of a ticket paid in cash. On...
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    Beware of DCC in Europe

    If you see the terminal accept paywave, then tap the card if the merchant allows you, I found paywave bypass DCC 95% of the time and paywave do work overseas. I only had 1 instance where the screen still goes to DCC selection when using paywave. Although I do found most merchants are hesitant...
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    ANZ - 300,000 QFF points offer on a mortgage

    Thanks, will PM you.
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    ANZ - 300,000 QFF points offer on a mortgage

    Do you know whether this offer is only available via the branch network or we can use a broker for this offer?
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    Question Is the HKG Plaza Premium First lounge any good?

    I have also recently been to that lounge and it is amazing, easily the best lounge I have been to so far, even better than the Clubhouse at LHR.
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    Strategy to obtain US Amex

    For those who have took the plunge, did you consider it worthwhile to get a US Amex card? I am really interested to get the Amex Hilton card for the Platinum status, but it seems like a huge hassle to get one and I heard the financial review from US Amex is a real pain even for people living in US.
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    Duty free alcohol LHR-HKG-MEL

    Thanks all, I am flying out this weekend and will be back the following weekend, will post an update when I am back. :)
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    Duty free alcohol LHR-HKG-MEL

    Thanks all, I will try to make my purchase at HKG duty free shop on the outbound leg to avoid the risk entirely, but will keep LHR duty free as a last resort if needed.
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    Duty free alcohol LHR-HKG-MEL

    I am going to LHR next week and will return to MEL via HKG, will I be able to buy duty free alcohol from the LHR duty free shop or will it be confiscated in HKG? Unfortunately the transit is only 3 hours so there's no way I can short check the bag to HKG and put my duty free alcohol in.
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    DoubleTree Perth Northbridge

    How does breakfast work for a gold member? I am going there in June as a gold member and as gold member don't get lounge access, do they temporarily allow gold member to enter the lounge just for breakfast?
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    20,000 Woolworths rewards points with a pet insurance policy

    Strange, maybe I missed certain key words? I just mentioned to them that I want to cancel the policy and take this as the written notice required under the contract, and I provided my full name, address and policy number in the email.
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    20,000 Woolworths rewards points with a pet insurance policy

    Cancelling the policy is interesting in of itself, for the second time Woolworths insurance has decided they will not honour my written request via email to cancel the policy and insist I call them back to "discuss further details". Let's see whether a strongly worded email to the complaint...
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    20,000 Woolworths rewards points with a pet insurance policy

    Stat declaration? That's way over the top, if they need a stat declaration to confirm your pet is genuine, I would hate to know what proof they demand when you actually want to claim on the insurance policy.
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    20,000 Woolworths rewards points with a pet insurance policy

    I just got the points as well, geez that's the hardest 10k QF points I have ever got.... Time to cancel the policy. Edit: I saw they have changed the T&C in the new promotion, guess they realised their system isn't good enough to issue points in 30 days: Woolworths Rewards bonus points will...
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    20,000 Woolworths rewards points with a pet insurance policy

    They just don't care, they have even stopped responding to my emails.