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    Free Lounge pass - Expires 28 August

    Hi - Have 1 x free lounge pass - forgot that I had it. Expires 28 August if anyone can make use of it please let me know, Regards Dave
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    Challenge - most points buying (reasonably priced) ipad mini

    Hi All you points gurus.. Just about to pick up another ipad mini - wifi only.. How can I maximise the points - I was thinking 10 ppt/$ with DJ through Qantas mall and price match with JB Hifi at $449- pay with Amex - But Price match doesnt go through the mall - you call up. And 'Normal' DJ...
  3. D

    Anyone interested in swapping Qantas Lounge pass (Expiry Date Problem)

    Hi All, I have a couple of lounge passes that expire in Dec this year - would anyone have any expiring at the end of Jan 19 that they might be willing to swap ? I have electronic and paper. Thanks in advance Dave
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    Lounge pass exiry

    Hi All, Does anyone know how strictly enforced the exipiry dates are on the lounge passes ? I have 2 electronic that expire on Dec , and 3 cardboard that expire at end Dec - and I am planning the next family holiday in late Jan :( Is there any way to get them extended slightly ? Thanks in advance
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    Membership Rewards - reasonable exhange rate to Hiton Hhonors

    Hi All, I note that membership rewards can transfer to Hilton Hhonors @ 1:1 ie 1000 MR pts = 1000 Hilton Hhonors points Given how many are required to redeem - I value Hhonors points at waaay less than that. Is there any way of getting a decent exchange rate ?
  6. D

    Hilton Best Price Guarantee

    Hi All, I am considering booking at the Hilton for a holiday coming up in January next year, and found considerably cheaper rates through amex travel site. Hilton have a best price guarantee - where they will beat the price by 25% - however they have declined my claim stating : Thank you for...
  7. D

    Family rooms in europe (6 people)

    Hi All, Does anyone know if any of the main hotel chains do family rooms that accommodate 4 adults and 2 children (11 and 13) in one room I have status with Hilton, SPG, Best western, Accor and IHG - but just about everywhere looks like I'll be up for 2 rooms.. Looking to stay in Zurich, Rome...
  8. D

    YVR -> PER J for family of 5 - holy grail

    Hello my good fellow AFF'ers, I was planning a trip to europe with my family this year - but have now been thrown a curve ball to go visit some family in canada in the same trip. I will be in europe around then Dec - and can see plenty of j award between london and JFK around the new year. The...
  9. D

    140k Redemption -possibilty of upgrading one (or more) leg ?

    Hi All, I have a really ambitious goal - I have a family of 6, and looking to redeem the oneworld redemption award. I am a couple of hundred thousand points short to get all of us the seats ... This leaves me (the first world ) problem of choice... Pay Qantas ~$6k for the points at 2.375cpp...
  10. D

    Europe Family trip - suggestions please

    Hi all, I continue to be impressed with the wealth of knowledge of the members of this site Just booked the whole fam - 2 adults, 1x18yr old, 1x16yr old 1x12yr old and 1x10 year old to Zurich in J in early dec ! What an achievement- wouldn't have been possible without the great advice I've...
  11. D

    Flights apparently availble - but not really

    Hi all - trying to book some flights next year for early dec, and trying to book cx flight s to hong kong. All goes well - can find the J seats I want on thew qantas website - load in passengers - then whamoo - errors. Checkign with QF service they say that these seats arent available - they are...
  12. D

    Award redemptions for children

    Hi All, I am looking to redeem some J award seats next year. Including children seems to throw an error - do I just redeem them as an adult ? Is there any discount - is it worth calling qantas to find out ? Cheers Dave