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    AA offers Fast-Track to Elite Status

    American Airlines Offers Fast Track to Elite Status If you fly on American, US Airways, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines or Qantas and earn the required elite-qualifying points between September 14 and December 23, 2015, you’ll receive elite status through February 28, 2017. The...
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    Access to EK Lounge Auckland - QF WP on EK Ticketed flight

    Hi, apologies if this has been asked before, however I am booked directly with EK on an EK flight number and currently hold WP QF status. Can I access the EK lounge in AKL? I understand that as I have not booked a QF flight number, that I can no longer access to QF lounge in AKL.
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    Cheapest way to attain 25 SC's

    Hi all, I have bookings with QF nearly every weekend between now and the end of my anniversary membership year, however have just calculated that I will fall 25 SC short of retaining Platinum. Can anyone suggest the cheapest/quickest way to obtain 25 SC's - The thought of yet another return...
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    Disappointing QF Biz Class Experience PER-ADL

    Travelled from PER-ADL yesterday afternoon in Biz and very disappointed with the service of the Cabin Crew, which I believe was actually the CSM. With a tail wind the flight duration was going to just over 2 hours. Being seated in 1A, drinks and pretzels were promptly served, however lunch...
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    Front and Rear De-planing at Perth Domestic **Question

    sorry if this question has been posted here before, but can anyone who regularly flys between Brisbane and Perth with Virgin tell me if deplaning from the aircraft is done via front and rear of the aircraft? I'm flying with them on Friday night and looking at getting on my way as quickly as...
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    QFF Calculator not working?

    Is anyone else having problems with the new QFF Calculator introduced a few months ago? Hasn't been working for close to a week now?? Apologies if this is a dupe question/post
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    QF12 - LAX-SYD A380 lands in BNE - Sun 14 September

    Saw this big bird take off from BNE airport this morning - anyone know what might have caused it to divert to Brizvegas?
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    Emirates Lounge Access - Brisbane QF Flight

    Hi all. Apologies in advance if this topic has already been covered however a search for more than 20 mins failed to locate anything. As a WP QF, and due to fly BNE-HKG on QF flight with QF metal from BNE, can I use the Emirates Lounge rather than the QF Lounge? Thanks
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    Substituting Pax on a Status Run?

    Due for a status run soon however not really keen on the 6 sector flight. Do you think that if I complete an online or lounge check-in, and are issued with the boarding passes, that the SC's will still post if I do not board 2 of the flights? Alternatively, do you think I can "gift" the...
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    Turkish Airlines - any tips on how to get cheap flights?

    I need to book a one way flight from Antalya to Istanbul around 18 September and have gone onto Turkish Airlines website and found it costs A$300+, yet some weeks ago it was only A$120. I could opt to travel with AtlasAir or Pegasus for significantly cheaper amounts, however would prefer to fly...
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    Launch Sale - Jetstar flights to Uluru - Ayers Rock

    Launch fares SYD-AYQ for $119 one way flights commence 4 June subject to Govt and Regulatory Approval. Interestingly though is interlined flights from other cities including Melb Avalon are available, however the price is more than if you purchased separate flights. Also they are quite...
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    Suggested Hotels in Dubai

    Hi all, I will be travelling on one of the new QF services via Dubai later this year, and have arranged a 2 night layover on the way back from LHR. Can anyone suggest a good quality, reasonable priced (<$200 per night) hotel in Dubai. I don't feel comfortable hiring a car while I am there, so...
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    Suggested Airline to fly Shanghai Padong to Beijing

    Hi everyone and Happy New Year. I'm due to fly QF to Shanghai in March and need to get a connecting flight onto Beijing. Can anyone suggest a reputable airline that does this run? I know, QF also fly from Sydney to Beijing however I messed up with my geography and need to transit onto...
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    Suggestions for good "instant Upgrade" fares?

    I am flying into London early next year via Dubai and have a week to kill, so I thought I'd book a flight across to the East Coast of the US for a quick SC run. All the suggestions on status runs in the US seem to go from WEST to EAST (SJU for example). Can anyone suggest a good routing to...
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    ANZ 10k or 20k QFF Bonus Points Offer

    Looks like ANZ have a promo on til 10 January 2013, to apply and be approved for a card for bonus 10K QFF points - annual fee $95. They are also offering the Platinum Card with a bonus 20K points however it carries an annual fee of $295.
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    Best Economy Seat on Qantas Reconfigured 747?

    Hi all Taking a trip from SYD - SCL soon and will be on one of the reconfigured/refurbed 747's. Any ideas or suggestions on best seat/s in Economy? Thanks
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    AA Status Calculator

    Hi all, I apologise in advance if this is covered somewhere already, but where can I calculate the status credits earnt for AA flights? I've read alot about the status earn rate in the USA being much better than that here in Australia and have also noted that some status runs are less than...
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    September 2012

    Please see the blog prepared by seatbackforward for a compilation of lounge visits for September 2012: September 2012 - Compiled Lounge Details Anyone available to guest my sister into SYD Dom QC Tues 19 September 18:00. Returning from SCL with partner and sister, and can only guest 1...
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    Silver QC Member approaching Gold Status and free QC Membership

    Hi all Apologies if this question has been raised previously, however I joined QC through a Corporate Scheme and paid up to August 2013. I am currently Silver and approaching Gold which includes free QC. My FF anniversary is February 2013, meaning my gold status will be applicable til...
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    September 2012 - Lounge Access

    Hi all, I am hoping that someone may be flying from Santiago Chile to Sydney on Monday 17 September (13:30 local flight) , who may be able to guest my sister into the lounge. I am Silver QF Club and understand I can only guest one other with me into the AA lounge at SCL. That one other, will...