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Search results

  1. jb01

    Answered VA Status credits question

    That one. Your SC balance doesn't reset to 0, however the 400 SC needed to re-qualify for Gold will start, at 0, from the date you drop back to Gold in Dec 2019.
  2. jb01

    Qantas 'preferred seating'

    Sure enough, there it is on my upcoming BNE-NRT.
  3. jb01

    Lounge Meets July 2019

    Date Flight # DEP Airport Lounge Time Guests Comment Saturday 13 July QF652 PER Any 2130 -1 Flight departs 2300 Sunday 14 July QF61 BNE Any 0700 -1 Flight departs 0935 Sunday 21 July QF80 NRT Any 1800 -1 Flight departs 2000 Thursday 25 July VA552 PER VA 0500 +3
  4. jb01

    How many Velocity points have you earned/spent?

    Earned: 1,951,603 Redeemed: 1,882,300 But currently checking daily for 2x J rewards from LAX which will add another 191,000 to the redeemed column. Not sure how that works as it’ll push my redeemed total to be more than my earn.
  5. jb01

    Velocity Hotels (Expedia)

    Although having completed a booking a few weeks ago with the 9 point/$ promotion, so far I have received 0 points/$ :rolleyes:
  6. jb01

    Velocity have messed up my Award Booking - HELP

    Simple name change isn’t an option? Or available as an Any Seat redemption? If so, I would be requesting Velocity to cover the excessive points difference.
  7. jb01

    SQ refurbishing KrisFlyer Gold lounge in SIN

    Chances are the temporary lounge will even be a step up over the current KrisFlyer Gold lounge! Toilets in a lounge ... who would’ve thunk it?! :p
  8. jb01

    velocity card on apple wallet and google pay

    Does it work via NFC at BP?
  9. jb01

    50th anniversary of the moon landing

    I was well off being born, but my grandfather was working at the Carnarvon tracking station. Lots of NASA memorabilia in the family, most of which currently resides in the museum in Carnarvon.
  10. jb01

    Turbulence at Qantas MEL Check-In

    Not quite how the valet service works!
  11. jb01

    Question Is finally attaining Platinum actually worth it?

    As stm1sydney says, you’ll get a soft fall back to SG. So if you’ve just hit WP this month, you have that until May-2020, then drop back to SG until May-2021, even if you don’t take another flight at all.
  12. jb01

    Citibank Debit Card is Great.

    You’ve had trouble using the Citibank card in Japan? I was planning to use it when heading there in July, but should I have a backup plan?
  13. jb01

    Border Force taking boarding passes

    Correct. This happened to me just yesterday. My BNE-PER flight was delayed, so the flight and boarding pass disappeared from the Qantas App. Luckily, I had already saved it to Apple wallet, where it will now stay locally on my device for eternity if I want it to.
  14. jb01

    Answered VA v Singapore Air

    Does that not show up on the VA confirmation email/PDF? I recently booked a DL codeshare via VA, and it had the DL PNR on the confirmation.
  15. jb01

    How do you unpack once you get back home?

    Suitcase sits on the bedroom floor for a few days, then when I finally get tired of tripping over it, or run out of underwear (whichever comes first) I extract the cat that's been sitting on top keeping the case warm, and dump pretty much everything into the wash. It helps that when I'm home, I...
  16. jb01

    Something big is coming! (1st May)

    No no, 1 only. ;)
  17. jb01

    Best places for electronics purchases in New York or Hawaii

    B&H is worth a visit even if not to purchase anything. Their conveyer belt system whizzing people’s purchase to the front of the store is fascinating!
  18. jb01

    Something big is coming! (1st May)

    Release of 1 J reward seat to LAX between now and 2024.
  19. jb01

    Answered What is ADL security up to now?

    Laws of physics are the least of their problems in ADL since they feel the need to have signs reminding you not to drink the toilet water.
  20. jb01

    Release timeframe for business reward seats

    Resurrecting an old thread - any idea at the time of day reward seats might be released? I hesitate to use the words ‘usually released’ as I’m sure there is no ‘usual’.