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    Latest Scams in Europe 2018 please

    Three of us visited Lisbon, Faro, Porto and Santiago de Compostela in May and, happily, didn't experience any scams or misadventures.
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    BA charges Exorbitant for Seat allocation

    Paid the extortionate BA charge for aisle seats in J upstairs in a 747 BKK LHR. Aircraft was changed to A380 with comparable seating on the upper deck. On departure, aircraft was changed back to a 747 and, despite my protests, was allocated a window seat (which would have cost less) on the...
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    2019 Travel Plans

    Booked for economy flight to Cambodia in April on Thai, because QF almost triple and even Air Asia almost double the price!
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    Iberia Avios 9000 points per booking dont need to fly

    References to Iberia's less than sterling website struct a cord with me. I had made an online booking for myself and a travelling companion on Iberia the Iberia website. While in Spain recently and on checking the booking on 'manage booking' web page, I noticed that I had inadvertently entered...
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    BYOJet ripoff

    Had one positive experience with BYO. Nevertheless, having checked prices with Skyscanner, I prefer to book directly with the airline. I was glad I had done so when Cathay and Etihad bookings to Europe had to be changed urgently owing to a death in the family. Two simple phone calls to the...
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    Intro and initial question

    Etihad is advertising $1753, probably a better bet than Philippine Airlines for just a little extra.
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    A new member with a question re one-way ticketing

    Yes, ok if the enquirer knows something about the geography of the region. A Cambodian friend checking in on a QF flight to Bangkok, enroute Cambodia, was almost denied boarding because he didn't have an onward plane ticket. The official had to go through two supervisory levels before...
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    90 Reasons NOT to Fly Qantas

    #7 compares very unfavourably with Finnair which provided me, in the baggage claim area, with a pre-paid Visa card loaded with Euro135 when I arrived in BKK from HEL with no luggage. lo
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    Silkair to CNS

    Among my worst travel experiences: long 3 - 4 hour stop overs on JQ CNS DRW SIN in that god-awful DRW international departure lounge in the middle of the night. (It seemed like eternity!) I hope Silk Air can do better.
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    To HEL via the city of SIN; a trip report for those considering Finnair (AY)

    Recently had J with AY return BKK HEL BKK in an A340. Little to recommend it - non lie flat, limited choice of IFE, meals ok, but served by gruff stewards. Got me back to BKK but without my luggage!
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    Why JetStar

    Why do some people feel a need to denigrate those who don't have either the resources or the wish to fly up front?
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    Status credit puzzle

    Perhaps not all of us are as on top of the intricacies of the system as you.
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    Status credit puzzle

    Thanks for the advice, will use the contacts you provided.
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    Status credit puzzle

    cns syd 40 sc, syd bkk 30 sc
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    Status credit puzzle

    I recently flew CNS SYD BKK. Why would I have been awarded more SCs for the CNS SYD sector than for the SYD BKK? Both sectors were on the same economy ticket, with a points upgrade to J for SYD BKK.
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    Bangkok shutdown

    Has anyone travelled into Silom area from the airport after a 1.30am arrival? Any problem with taxis? military? police?
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    Bangkok shutdown

    Based on information received from a friend in BKK an hour ago, away from the protest sites people seem to be going about their business as usual. What's happening at the protest site is unknown.
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    Why JetStar

    As with most things you get what you pay for. What's the problem with that?
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    Bangkok shutdown

    Re: Bangkok Lock Down - Emergency declared for 60 days - travel advice? I was there Last Saturday and Sunday for an uneventful transit. The taxi from the airport had to do a slight detour to get to the Mandarin Hotel on Silom IV. That was the only inconvenience I encountered. At night I...
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    How long does an International Drivers Licence last?

    I also needed one for a Hertz hire in Bangkok last month.