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    Free to good home - Qantas First Class pyjamas and amenity kit

    Hi guys, I have done a big clean out at home, and am making available to AFF members the following: 2 x Qantas First Class Pyjamas L/XL size (Martin Grant) and First Class Amenity Kit (PJ;s and Kit will go together) 1 x L/XL Qantas Business class Pyjamas (Peter Morrissey) I have donated about 20...
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    QF9/10 Not Operating Tuesdays in November

    Hi all, I have just noticed that QF9/10, the MEL-LHR A380 service, is not operating on Tuesdays throughout November. This, in itself, is not unusual, the same thing happened at this time last year. What I do find strange, however, is that for both services the cancelled flight is on Tuesday...
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    Brisbane Airport Check in time and QP opening time

    Good morning my knowledgeable friends! I have some questions that perhaps some experienced Brisbane travelers can help me with. I have a flight from BNE to SYD next month, connecting to a US flight, and to maximize time in the First Lounge, I am taking a 5.30am flight. Just checking the Qantas...
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    Qantas Price Promise issues

    Just thought I would share my experience with trying to use the Qantas Price Promise for some flights I have booked. I have finally received confirmation that my booking is eligible, but that is after it has initially been denied twice. A bit of background:- I received an offer for 50% bonus...
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    QF1/QF10 First Class Menus

    Good morning fellow AFFers. I have an upcoming trip to London next month, and was hoping someone may have the current F menu that they could post. It was wonderful to get a sneak peak at the Winter F lounge menu, but I am yet to find any reports of the Winter F menus. I am due to fly out on QF1...
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    Upgrade Question - Domestic leg on international booking

    Hi all, I have a ADL-NRT booking in PE for May next year, with the ADL-SYD flight in Y. I have just tried to upgrade the ADL-SYD segment to business (it is B class), and despite there being award seats available - both on Expert Flyer and on QF website, a message keeps coming back that award...
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    Dubai Connect Information

    Hello all, I am booked on a flight from Sydney to London next month, in F, which I booked earlier this year. I have some questions regarding Dubai Connect, which I have not been able to find answers to from a search. On the way back, I am flying on QF8008 (EK8), which gets into Dubai at 18.45...
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    Free to Good Home

    Firstly let me say thank you to everyone on AFF for all the excellent advice I have obtained, and allowed me to reach WP for the first time this year. I often feel guilty that I do not post that often, so I hope this will go some way to making it up to my fellow AFF members. I have available...
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    Seat Map Question

    I have been a premium EF subscriber for about 15months now, and have found it invaluble for all of my worldly travels. Normally I like to think that I am quite observant, but have just noticed that some blocked seats have a line underneath them. I specifically am looking at QF flights, and have...
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    Question about Platinum Seat Selection

    Hi All, Am in the middle of a round the world trip in J, and thanks in large part to the AFF community, I have just ticked over to Platinum status :D:D The status credits have come through, and my profile is showing as Platinum, however when I check my future bookings on Manage my Booking, I...
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    Help me with my dilemma! To upgrade or not.

    Hi great wise people! I am struggling with the decision to upgrade my flight in February. I have put in a points request to upgrade my flight SYD-JNB on Feb 8 from J - F. I am now having second thoughts though. I have just received a free pass for the First Lounge as a Gold member (i will become...
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    Possiblity of making Airtrain in BNE after 7.35pm arrival

    Hi guys, I am travelling on QF544 from Syd-Bne on Monday 25/7 and staying in a city hotel prior to my NAN status run the next morning. I have just checked the Airtrain timetable, and it seems that the last train leaves at 8pm. Would there be any chance of making this train after collecting...
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    Qantas Domestic Seat Allocation

    I am a QFF Silver, with expectations of reaching Gold next month, and numerous forward bookings (domestic). I love the ability to select seats at the time of booking, but find that I have quite limited seat selection available to me. My next trip is to Adl-Bne return, in Business (booked as...