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  1. dmgale1960

    Qantas Schedule Changes SYD-HNL

    This is kind of a rhetorical question but why/how does Qantas totally change their flight schedules? I had been considering a holiday to HNL in August 2018 and was happy to see that QF was offering a flight from SYD leaving at 2300 and arriving into HNL at 1155. This suited me as I hate the...
  2. dmgale1960

    Spam Email purporting to be from Qantas

    Hi I receive a email from what appeared to be Qantas this afternoon that is SPAM. Be warned people, its asking for your credit card details, full name, employment, addresses. Apart from the misspellings and poor grammar, the email looks pretty much like Qantas ones, but on closer inspection...
  3. dmgale1960

    Food on Jetstar International? Worth it or not? Is water available or only sold?

    I am going on a girls trip to Honolulu in October and it seems we have been quoted the Jetstar Starter fares (although with 20kg of luggage). I understand food and drinks are available for purchase (or pre purchase). My question is - is it worth it? I have seen some sites suggesting that...
  4. dmgale1960

    Syd to Honolulu...any tips for travel on a DOMESTIC 767 for 9 Hours??

    I am travelling with partner and 16 yo son to Honolulu in early October I understand (actually I know, I asked Qantas) that the aircraft is a domestic 767. :shock: Do any members have any tips for this trip? Are there movies (shared I guess) Are iPads a good idea?:lol: Should I just take a...
  5. dmgale1960

    At 245 SC for the year...will Qantas keep me on Silver?

    Hi I have earned 210 SC with Qantas this year and I am about to undertake a trip to Adelaide from Canberra (via Melbourne one way and direct the other) which will will provide another 35 SC. Is Qantas likely to maintain my Silver status (as they have in the past) or will I crash back to earth...
  6. dmgale1960

    Visa's for China/ShenZhen. Buying them in HK or at Border

    Going to HK next week and trying to find out about getting visa for Shenzhen for a day trip. Reading different message about needing a visa arranged here in Australia (too late!) or purchasing in HK (China Travel Service?) or being able to buy a visa at the border. Anyone got the latest??