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  1. Sprucegoose

    Pursue CX for their delay to get me to AY flight from SIN on time? One PNR.

    So it doesn't matter if I was on an AY ticket and travelling a CX flight from HKG to SIN to transfer to AY flight I still pursue CX for their delay to get me to AY flight from SIN on time? One PNR.
  2. Sprucegoose

    SIA advises shoes on for takeoff

    Very good advice from SIA. You should always be prepared to exit a burning aircraft so shoes on is better than shoes off although I suspect their motive is reduced cabin obstruction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25brQSPMORg
  3. Sprucegoose

    Heathrow airport hotel to connect to terminal 3

    Hi, any recent experience on the best hotel that services Terminal 3 or the airport in general. We have an overnight layover and it doesn't really justify heading back into town for. Suggestions appreciated.
  4. Sprucegoose

    MEL Terminal 4 - Is there a more poorly designed experience?

    Came through the other day. No air bridge, hoardes of people waiting for late flights blocking the exit, tasteless architecture and such a hike to the front gate. is this the worst example of modern terminals ??? Are there any worse ones?
  5. Sprucegoose

    QR 787 Engine Shutdown. Why decline turns towards a dead engine in modern aircraft?

    A Qatar Airways Boeing 787-800, registration A7-BCT performing flight QR-180 from Oslo (Norway) to Doha (Qatar) with 254 people on board, was enroute at FL350 about 160nm northwest of Bucharest (Romania) when the crew needed to shut an engine (GEnx) down, the crew declined any left turns and...
  6. Sprucegoose

    No Snow on mainland Japan

    Heads up guys arrived Hakuba today and the only snow is at the top of the mountains and then it's dicey. Looking at other places Canada continues to excite
  7. Sprucegoose

    Ski storage at Narita

    Hi flying in next Sunday with a pair of skis. Staying overnight in Naritathen back there the next morning for a bus trip. Question. Could I fail to collect skis on Sunday and pick up Monday morning when we leave from teminal 3 at luggage oversize ? Thinking is this will save a lot of drama
  8. Sprucegoose

    Korean Air & Singapore trip best earning strategies

    hi I've got a quick trip to Seoul coming up on KE and returning in SQ. all J I've joined up to Skypass. I have credited my points to that account. I was ex PPS for a few years but that expired and I am 'bronze' I had put my Velocity number in the SQ booking. Will that get me SC and points ...
  9. Sprucegoose

    How irresponsible is this Aerolineas Argentina video??

    Obviously still chatting to the Captain at crucial stages of flight operations. I think I will avoid this airline. What are the other standards set in South America ? https://youtu.be/EbRYgC88Hsk
  10. Sprucegoose

    Is Qantas Cash the crapiest site to verify data through ??

    A totally frustrating evening trying to get Qantas cash site to allow me to log in and change my password Why so difficult? Who else has these issues ?
  11. Sprucegoose

    South Anerican Travel Agent Melbourne

    I will take it to the floor with you good folk. Anyone used a TA for South American tours and we're happy with service and value? Transfers. Important to use pre arranged pickups in say SCL and RIO? What constitutes good value from port to town? Thnxs
  12. Sprucegoose

    Mel to south america

    We are looking at July/Aug trip to South America. Need to be in RIO early August. Hoping to fly on QF to SCL, and from there down to RIO. Away all up around 17 days, so apart from a week in RIO we will be free. Has anyone done this to maximise SC's? Any advantages in booking all they way MEL to...
  13. Sprucegoose

    SBS show on ANZ 901

    anyone watching this ? Talk about going back in time, however it was only about 35 years ago.
  14. Sprucegoose

    Sydney What's happening today?

    Just heard all the lord Howe flights have been cancelled out of Syd. Is this a Sydney problem or destination ? how do they reschedule these given they are dash 8-2? We are booked to fly tomorrow so not sure if we will get bumped back to accommodate today's cancellations. anyone in the know...
  15. Sprucegoose

    Dallas for 5 hours - Dealey Plaza (book depository)

    We are in DFW for 5 hours so need to clear immigration and then get to Dealey Plaza for a tour of the book Depository. Always wanted to do this. Any ideas? Hire a car? Catch a cab? Hitches or alternatives? Thanks
  16. Sprucegoose

    Vancouver Airport Hotels

    We arrive YVR on 24/12. Need to drop skis at an overnight baggage place and then head off to a hotel overnight. Heading off the next day so should be close to airport. Prefer something on the canada line or shuttle service. No need to hire cars. If any are on the Canada line and next to a...
  17. Sprucegoose

    Best Western Rewards

    Anyone else in this program ? I find myself a Diamond member after having stayed numerous nights in a country locale. Any status match benefits around ?? Interesting to hear from others who may have found themselves in this envious position. I hear they have some swish hotels in the states...
  18. Sprucegoose

    New bose qc 25 - who will be the first to trial?

    HOW MUCH BETTER COULD THEY REALLY BE? Bose QuietComfort® 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones | Bose
  19. Sprucegoose

    Ha long bay to hanoi

    Hi, Any ideas on the fastest way from Ha long Bay to Hanoi. Have the option of a private car, anything else? Anyone does this recently?
  20. Sprucegoose

    Europe in three weeks !!

    We have a three week window in September for a European vacation. Any ideas on how to maximize this time? Can exclude Italy as that was done separately previously. Would like a mix of train and car. There are some interesting train journeys available. Ideas or advice appreciated. Flexible on...