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    Can I transfer my Etihad Guest Miles to Virgin Australia?

    I have some Etihad Airways Guest miles expiring tomorrow. Can I transfer to Virgin Australia please?
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    Etihad Tier Status

    Etihad in their latest newsletter is planning to help Etihad Guest members maintain their tier status due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Looking forward to what this entails, as my Gold status expires this month.
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    Etihad Bonus Miles offer is back

    Just got this mail below from Etihad Guest. Is it worth buying? Earn up to 20% bonus miles Hi missed our last offer? Don’t worry, bonus miles are back – but they won’t be around for long. Buy miles until 29 February 2020 and you’ll earn up to 20% bonus miles free. Top up your balance...
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    Etihad Gold Renewal - Status Run

    Hi all, does anyone here have an idea of the best status run route from Brisbane for my Etihad Gold status which expires end of March 2020?
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    Hello All

    Hello All, I am glad to be part of this great community. I am a travel and photography enthusiast interested in exploring the world and the knowledge of frequent flyers here.