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  1. Jacques Vert

    AFF Gathering #14 in CBR on 4 - 6 December 2020

    It would appear so.
  2. Jacques Vert

    New [Amex] statement credits

    From the T&Cs: spend $300 or more, in one or more transactions, on flights within or departing Australia
  3. Jacques Vert

    KrisFlyer 15% Transfer Bonus!

    I got a reply saying the three year expiry would stay, no surprise there. Also said that I can pay to extend the validity of my miles.:(
  4. Jacques Vert

    KrisFlyer 15% Transfer Bonus!

    I think the three year expiry should be scrapped altogether so I'll make that suggestion in my complaint (better that the complaints vary in detail lest they think we are running a campaign). I'll also note that Asia Miles and Delta SkyMiles have scrapped their hard expiry.
  5. Jacques Vert

    Woolworths Rewards Targeted offers

    I got spend $105 for 4 weeks, get 10,000 points. (One or more shops.)
  6. Jacques Vert

    AFF Gathering #14 in CBR on 4 - 6 December 2020

    For those still needing to book accommodation, Rydges have launched another flash sale with room rates starting at $101 for the Friday and/or Saturday night. Can be cancelled up to 24 hours before arrival. https://www.priorityguestrewards.com/member-offers/flash-sale-2020/
  7. Jacques Vert

    Superannuation Discussion + market volatility

    The reduced minimum drawdown is for both the 19-20 and 20-21 financial years. So the answer to your question is June 2021 (assuming that you make the yearly minimum).
  8. Jacques Vert

    Lord Howe Island - October 2020

    Thanks for the Trip Report @Keith009; most informative. Did you do anything about travel insurance? I realise that being part of NSW/Australia then you are covered by medicare, etc. but not sure whether a medical evacuation would be covered and a cancelled flight due to bad weather could prove...
  9. Jacques Vert

    Hilton status extension till 2022

    I got Diamond last year through a status match to my Marriott Platinum and now extended to 2022; can't complain.
  10. Jacques Vert

    Domestic Travel insurance - is anyone offering it?

    Australia Post has a domestic travel insurance policy which is available in single-trip and annual versions: Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance The website is not the most user friendly I've come across however, I did manage to get it to give me a quote. Interestingly, the quote for an annual...
  11. Jacques Vert

    AFF Gathering #14 in CBR on 4 - 6 December 2020

    Hopefully this will encourage QF to launch a sale as well.
  12. Jacques Vert

    Accor's Response to COVID-19 Issues?

    It seems like I have answered my own question. I completed some surveys on e-Rewards, then transferred points from there to ALL. My account now shows: Valid until 10/21/2021
  13. Jacques Vert

    RewardPay Alternatives

    I guess it all depends on whether you include the $50,000 as part of the "cost". 1603185150 https://creditrewards.com.au/
  14. Jacques Vert

    RewardPay Alternatives

    HI @daft009, The 1.81% (no GST) * + $1 for each individual transaction is from their website. 1.81% on 50,000 = 905 (so that bit is correct). The FF points earned will, of course, depend on which card you are using although it appears you don't get points on the $1 service fee. On my...
  15. Jacques Vert

    Is this an "activity" that can extend the 18 months expiry date of QFF points?

    Agreed, although you need to be in Australia to download the App; after that it's all systems go. At least that was the way it was last year when I was last out of the country :(. +1 tried to download it while we were in Europe and it wasn't available.
  16. Jacques Vert

    RewardPay Alternatives

    As per my previous post (#488), it's + GST
  17. Jacques Vert

    Accor's Response to COVID-19 Issues?

    In relation to points expiry, as I'm sure most of you know, points expire after 12 months of no hotel stays. According to the T&Cs, staying at a hotel is the only way to extend the points expiry. However, according to Award Wallet (Do ALL - Accor Live Limitless Points Expire?): "Although the...
  18. Jacques Vert

    RewardPay Alternatives

    Bluechain: American Express 1.95% + GST Visa/Mastercard blended rate for debit and credit cards 1.4% + 50c + GST Credit Rewards: 1.81% (no GST) * + $1 for each individual transaction
  19. Jacques Vert

    New Zealand Travel Bubble Announcement

    What a stuff-up! If I hadn't worked for Government in a past life, I would be thinking that people were making this up.
  20. Jacques Vert

    RewardPay Alternatives

    2.15% + GST