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    Gifting gold status - timing

    Yes he can activate it any time in the next 12 months (from the date he gets the additional status credits). He just needs to ring the Platinum line and they will activate immediately.
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    PE fare with domestic connection

    It will be economy on the domestic leg.
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    Platinum lounge access on arrival - Guests?

    It was 2:30pm and the lounge didn’t seem that busy. My only thought was that maybe they were expecting a VIP group to arrive in the lounge. I’ve never had a problem using other lounges on arrival (even with guests), so I’ll put this down to a glitch. ;)
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    Platinum lounge access on arrival - Guests?

    I flew into to Adelaide on Thursday last week and thought I would drop into the lounge for a coffee as a Platinum Frequent Flyer. I presented my boarding pass and was told I couldn't come in, as they were "protecting the lounge for high value departing passengers" I would have thought that...
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    New VA App

    According to EFTM it looks like the new VA app for Android is out, and the iPhone version is very close to launch. Virgin Australia updates its app - an all-in-one experience is coming » EFTM
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    The VA LAX boarding lottery.

    i had an interesting experience boarding VA2 on Sunday night at LAX. I was with a small group (3 of us are Platinum) waiting at the boarding gate, when we were approached by a gate agent, who asked if we were travelling in business class. We said we were Platinum, to which he said, you will...
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    VA to codeshare with AC

    This from AirlineRoute today.
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    New VA Fare Structure

    I'm beginning to think this might be the initial influence of new VA Group Executive John Thomas (due to start in Sept) - the consultant king of ancillary revenue for the major carriers in the US. Although I hope he heeds his own advice from a report he co-authored in 2007 on the LEK website. :)
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    B77W Business Class Seat Map - Updated!

    According to FlightRadar24 it looks like VH-VPE might be back in action from LAX to BNE on Friday night. This hopefully means tomorrow's VA7 (vh-voz) will be the last of the non refurbed flights.