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  1. kpc

    AAdvantage Holiday Gift

    Just logged into my and +1's account ..we both were gifted 100 miles and 18 month extension for our miles
  2. kpc

    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    I started paying my taxes in Feb 2011 with a credit card (looking back in the early days of the thread :) ) and was a little late to the party... js started the thread in April 2009. I have been through many credit cards as they all slowly shut the loophole, and the chapter ends on Dec 9 when...
  3. kpc

    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    Wow that's a bit of a jump....
  4. kpc

    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Thanks, I think ;) . This is the 3rd wine order I have made today. PS unable to use the Wish GC in the Cellarmaster GC payment option.
  5. kpc

    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Hopefully Penfolds will now return to more reasonable prices!
  6. kpc

    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Can't see this on the website...is it still there?
  7. kpc

    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    If i had access to this deal, I would buy the bin 28 @ $30 per bottle.
  8. kpc

    Book a flight and Extend Current status to 2022

    Great...so booking one Qf flight will keep me platinum til October 2022 :)
  9. kpc

    20th anniversary of SQ006 crash

    I'm not sure Sq would be reminding anyone! Sq suffered significant reputational damage, financial loss and compensation costs, and IIRC, all 3 pilots were sacked!
  10. kpc

    2021 Travel Plans

    No plans so far...maybe Margaret River if the WA government opens its borders. Darwin and Kakadu mid year perhaps and trips to Adelaide and Tasmania. I don't expect to be going OS in 2021 :( ....so have more money and time to fix the house ;)
  11. kpc

    KrisFlyer 15% Transfer Bonus!

    With over a million KF points in my acct and the 3 year clock ticking, and no end date to the ban on OS travel, i rather keep me pts with StG. If they removed the 3 year expiry date, I could transfer 1.4 mill KF points over with a nice 15 % bonus.
  12. kpc

    TWE Cellardoor.co

    Thanks all for the PMs...I have replied to one person :)
  13. kpc

    TWE Cellardoor.co

    Would someone kindly pm me a referral to cellardoor.co please ?
  14. kpc

    New [Amex] statement credits

    Mine is 50/10....so shall be buying 10 x $50 Starcash gift cards :)
  15. kpc

    Up to 40% Velocity transfer bonus - November 2020

    Hmmm...I have about 50K Flybuy pts that I would normally transfer to Velocity when there is a 15% bonus...what should I do?!
  16. kpc

    AFF Gathering #14 in CBR on 4 - 6 December 2020

    Not sure if I can make this at this stage but i have made a flexible booking at the Novotel at $145 pn with 12% cashback via booking.com and cashrewards. Will there be more spots opening up?
  17. kpc

    New [Amex] statement credits

    In previous years GCs at Myers have been excluded but never enforced in practice...in 2020? ;)
  18. kpc

    New [Amex] statement credits

    Got it on my Explorer card but not on any supps. Nada on Edge. +1 got it on Velocity Plat card. Seems only can use it once...Seems GCs at Myer Sydney cbd are excluded but it says that every year. ;)
  19. kpc

    Adelaide Hilton is open again

    Hmmm...breakfast looks very, very basic! I would have gone to one of the many nice cafes around the Central market ;)
  20. kpc

    Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted

    At least 2 years according to the Singaporeans, which is a more pessimistic time frame compared to that given by the Australian Government .... https://www.straitstimes.com/business/economy/mass-air-travels-return-at-least-two-years-away-ong-ye-kung