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  1. duffshot

    Chairman's Lounge

    I've been out of the AFF loop for quite a while so maybe this is an old rumour but I heard a rumour recently that QF is looking at ending the Chairman's Lounge. I find it hard to believe but I guess anything is possibile these days. Anyone else heard the same or can they confirm one way or the...
  2. duffshot

    QF Platinum and DJ Gold

    Through a change in corporate travel policy I am now both a QFF Platinum and a DJ Velocity Gold frequent flyer. I guess this doesn't happen very often so just curious how many others are at the top status level of more than 1 frequent flyer program??
  3. duffshot

    Need 4 mi?

    I have flown this sector but it was a couple of years ago and my QFF online activity statement doesnt go back that far.
  4. duffshot

    188 new aircraft for Qantas

    That's the funniest thing I have read in a long time John.
  5. duffshot

    You Should Never Complain About Qantas Again

    Also known as "Instant Airframe"
  6. duffshot

    A Few Firsts.... But Little First Class

    Great TR - I'm engrossed even though it is all so familiar.
  7. duffshot

    'auto' rollover of Partner Gold?

    Anyone ever had their partner renewal comped to PG - I'm about 100 SC short this year and just curious given I have been weel over the mark in previous years.. Like most people she doesnt get a lot of value out of it but does occasionally travel solo when it is useful.
  8. duffshot

    Qantas Staff Perks

    All I know is that when I travel with a QF GM I always seem to get upgraded to First where he always is.
  9. duffshot

    What irritates you most while flying?

    ggrrrr I'm sure there are more than a few of us who know the feeling although lately it does seem to be better.
  10. duffshot

    Our Jobs- What we all do?

    Business Development in the aerospace industry
  11. duffshot

    What irritates you most while flying?

    Rockwell Collins IFE systems
  12. duffshot

    Muscat in J

    hmm - neither the Morris or the Tokay ring a bell and these are what was in the wine list as well. It was pretty dark and I had my headphones on (and Deja Vu blasting away on AVOD) but I could of sworn he said Taylors. I cant find anything like it on the net so maybe it was one of these...
  13. duffshot

    Muscat in J

    I did think the same thing myself while typing it in but thought maybe such a challenge would get all the regulars excited and I might get a response. So far it hasnt worked!
  14. duffshot

    Muscat in J

    I had a lovely couple of glasses of the Muscat on board QF108 (or should that be 1 0 late?) in J early Monday morning after the CSM talked me into it and forgot to get the name of it. When I look at the online wine list none of them ring a bell. Does anyone happen to know what they are serving...
  15. duffshot

    Still more J* problems

    Well I'm sure NSW Governments is stupid enough it just doesnt have the guts to make tough decisions - the very same government was stupid enough to take out exhaust stacks from the M5 tunnel design to save a few votes and look how fantastic the air quality is there now.
  16. duffshot

    Still more J* problems

    Yes poor old Deathstar is getting a beating and seems to be having one of those weeks. I am surprised the birdstrike at Mackay on Saturday and 2 hr delay for the corresponding flight out of HTI has not been raised yet as another example of their bad service. Not that they did anything wrong in...
  17. duffshot

    Quick question: Best SYD-MAD flights?

    Having done the SYD or BNE to MAD trip a few times I find it better to go via LHR to avoid using Iberia. Both ways are so similar in every other way that the use of BA or IB became the big differential for me. I also avoided FRA when Skybeds were not guaranteed on FRA flights about a year ago now.
  18. duffshot

    Qantas fleet decisions

    For the record - C17 will be here before Christmas.
  19. duffshot

    Qantas fleet decisions

    Aagh yes but dont forget they'll also be able to do MRTT to MRTT / Wedgetail / C-17 all of which are all much nicer to travel in. MRTT = A330 Wedgetail = B737 / BBJ Also how about F111 or F/A-18? They fast enough?
  20. duffshot

    Qantas fleet decisions

    There is a simple solution to the ULH problem which the RAAF will be able to assist QF with when the MRTT's arrive. There is a nice A330 modification the RAAF have which solves all. Not sure it will happen though.