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    Osaka Lounge for Jetstar

    Travelling back J* starclass on sun. Osaka to Sydney. I am Platinum QF so which lounge is avail only the JAL if any? I will be coming into osaka on JAL. The way I read it QF only has assoc lounge in Osaka. Anyone ...?
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    Finnair or JAL ? J class to LDN... which one?

    Can anyone advise which they would recommend Finnair or JAL to LDN J class? I have CX or QF or BA to Asia HK or BK then Finnair onwards or JAL via Japan. Any ideas...
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    Marsielle Accom Hotels or B&B

    HI All Anyone know any reliable wbsites I can search for accomm in Marsielle? Heading over for the RWC and I can't find any acomm as yet.... Thks
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    Gatwick BA Lounge

    Does anyone know how good the Gatwick BA lounge is as I will be in Gatwick for a 6 transit is it worth going inot or heading out for a 4 hr trip around to a pub or two!! It says it has an arrival lounge is it worth the visit? PS I am platinum so is there a firts and business lounge their? many...
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    Flying QF into London which Lounge is avail BA or QF

    I am flying QF in & out of London early next year do you use the BA lounge or does QF has it's own their.
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    Why is no alcohol on board from China to Hong Kong?

    Does anyone know why you cannot take your premium scotch!! on board from any China airports to Hong Kong. It really is annoying. I asked and got the usual chinese answer NFI.
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    Best FF Program for Aisa & UK??

    I fly to Asia and UK/Europe mainly and also all over OZ I am platinum with qantas and silver with singapore air, do you guys know what wld be my best option for ff, I was diamond with ansett in the good old days!! The reason i ask i shld pay more attention to my ff but i don't and i have been...