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    Qantas 747 [model planes]

    I’m more of a traveller than a model plane hobbyist, so am seeking information on Qantas 747 model planes.....what’s available? What’s recommended? Why a particular plane number is historically significant? Please inform (me) to help me give a great Christmas / birthday present.
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    Virgin Australia to be sold to Bain Capital

    I just heard administrators entered agreement with Bain....on ABc24. Did they win?
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    Qatar Status match for Velocity

    Status match offer by Qatar for those who might be interested. https://www.qatarairways.com/en/Privilege-Club/tier-match.html Applicable to Velocity and other specified programs - might be a good way back into OneWorld.
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    Jetstar starts selling more interstate flights from June

    Perhaps Jetstar and Qantas got a quiet word on domestic travel https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/health-safety/australian-travel-jetstar-starts-selling-more-interstate-flights-from-june/news-story/0e1795ddea2d577127e28ed48a276525
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    Free Free QF lounge pass (late May 2020 expiry)

    Paying it forward after receiving a free one from TomYagher @TomYagher I know it’s unlikely anyone is travelling, but I’m offering a free lounge pass expiring late May.
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    Best OneWorld and Best Star Alliance and Best SkyTeam

    just wondering if anyone can share what are the best frequent flyer programs for each of the three alliances. My main initial criteria is earning the equivalent of gold status to get the ongoing loyalty benefits and best redemption miles/points.