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    Oh dear.....23 passengers (4 of them in Business)

    Coming back on VA52 (HIR-BNE) recently there were only 23 of us. I support Virgin on this route despite being only Tuesday and Thursday, as it would become an effective monopoly without them. Another passenger said that they are subsidised to keep the flight going, and I did notice that there...
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    Airbus Modular Concept

    Interesting idea, but I think unlikely. One commentator suggested that United could have a jail module for some of their passengers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaChszhz4o4
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    Choice says airline policies "break" consumer law

    Choice targets airlines over failure to provide full refunds I've always been mystified why airlines have skirted around consumer laws. Nocookies | The Australian
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    Russell Crowe lashes out at VA over his kids' hover boards

    Russell Crowe lashes out at Virgin Australia over ban on hoverboards | Film | The Guardian Quite a bit of entitlement mentality going on here.
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    MEL Gate 12 and an A330

    Just a warning if you get this gate with an A330. The plane has to be towed into the gate, which means waiting for a tug as well as a towbar (which caused a minor delay last night). The steep angle of the bridge seems to indicate it's a tight squeeze for the A330.
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    2 EQP for discount J/F and 3 EQP for full fare J/F?????

    I was just watching a youtube clip on the AA channel regarding elite status. The narrator says that "Beginning April 7th and continuing all throughout 2015 we'll reward you with even more Elite Qualifying points...." It goes on to say about the 2EQP for discount J/F and 3 EQP for full fare...
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    EU 261/2004 Compensation Guide

    For those who want some clear guidelines. YMMV as always. How to claim compensation when a flight is delayed - Telegraph
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    Chauffeur question

    I was just putting in my details for the chauffeur pick up in Rome and wondered whether the chauffeur knows to drop the '0' at the beginning of the number after the country code at pick up time? Any experiences with this.
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    Changing your FF # on an Amadeus (BA, QF, AY, etc) Booking

    Some of you might be after an easier way to change your FF# in your booking. In my case it was booking a flight on BA with AA miles and wanting to change the AA FF# out for the QF# where I have status (rapidly diminishing it must be noted). Just go to the Finnair website and to the manage...
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    Using the contract lounge in DUB as WP flying QF odeshare on EK in Y

    A client of mine is flying to Ireland and will be flying out of DUB on the QF codeshare on EK which uses the contract lounge in Terminal 2. Does any one have any experiences of this lounge? And can a QF Plat flying in Y on the QF flight number get entrance to the lounge? thanks in advance.
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    Confirmed - AAdvantage now enforcing 4 segment rule for status

    4 AA segments rule may be being enforced I was just perusing a thread on FTthat may have implications for those contemplating going over to AA. It would appear to fit into the new realities of Aadvantage like no more soft landings. Of course these might be isolated cases but I think we'll know...
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    Gasp! Cheese plate now only between 2 & 5

    I just found that the cheese plate can only be had between 2 & 5. Disappointing J lounge enhancement.
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    Odd Qantas Loyalty Youtube clip

    I just noticed this clip about Qantas Loyalty on its reach on the Qantas youtube channel. No sound. Odd. Qantas Loyalty - insights and analytics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjrFQIeBMlg
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    Procedure for boarding from F lounge at DXB concourse A when travelling Y

    Does anyone know the procedure for boarding from the F lounge when flying Y as WP? Do you have to leave the lounge by the entrance and join the masses, or are you able to go down in the lift direct to the gate with the F passengers? If so can you go down in the lift earlier to board earlier?
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    Analyst: Frequent Flier Miles - the airlines don't need them any more.

    Airline status in frequent flier programs: "They're just your union card for when things go wrong" Airlines Don
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    Life PS and Life QP - change earning to AA?

    My brother has just reached lifetime PS and has lifetime QP (which I convinced him to do when he and I were burnt by the AN collapse). His new job will mean that he has to fly a lot more than before. We were discussing whether life PS + life QP was more or less a solid safety-net and to move his...
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    Interesting service recovery in LST for cancelled flight

    I'm in Launie at the moment in the aftermath of the cancellation of QF2284. After waiting at the gate for a considerable time we were told that the aircraft was grounded and the flight cancelled. I rang QF straight away got on the 6pm flight (though still waiting for boarding pass). We were...
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    Some changes at Hertz (VW, personal welcome from manager at SYD)

    I was surprised with my last rental at Hertz that when I picked up the car it was a VW Golf wagon and that the manager gave his greetings to me as I was walking around inspecting the vehicle for any blemishes. Is there some sort of effort being made at Hertz to keep customers after the changes...
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    Soft Landing on AA has gone - RIP

    It seems that American is tightening up AAdvantage, perhaps with the onslaught of all the DM members from US. It has been confirmed by the official representative over at FT. This could have a big impact on those who keep up a double status via alternative year crediting of flights...
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    Platinum experiences with Delta

    I have been travelling around the US with work in the past month and managed to put a fair few flights over to Delta. I have been pretty impressed by the way Delta staff have recognised VA status. I had no issues at all in any of the Sky Clubs I visited, and I generally found them better than...