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  1. duffshot

    Chairman's Lounge

    I've been out of the AFF loop for quite a while so maybe this is an old rumour but I heard a rumour recently that QF is looking at ending the Chairman's Lounge. I find it hard to believe but I guess anything is possibile these days. Anyone else heard the same or can they confirm one way or the...
  2. duffshot

    QF Platinum and DJ Gold

    Through a change in corporate travel policy I am now both a QFF Platinum and a DJ Velocity Gold frequent flyer. I guess this doesn't happen very often so just curious how many others are at the top status level of more than 1 frequent flyer program??
  3. duffshot

    Muscat in J

    I had a lovely couple of glasses of the Muscat on board QF108 (or should that be 1 0 late?) in J early Monday morning after the CSM talked me into it and forgot to get the name of it. When I look at the online wine list none of them ring a bell. Does anyone happen to know what they are serving...
  4. duffshot

    Google Earth

    Are there any other weirdos like me out there who actually waste time surfing google earth looking at airports / military bases and the like? I must admit I have been known to do it occasionally? Some things I found interesting other than trying to spot Qantas aircraft at LHR (check out the...
  5. duffshot

    AFF Membership levels

    OK I have not been around AFF in any real way for about 6 weeks but what is the go with the new membership levels we now have the opportunity to pay for ? It doesn't really appeal to me but what does everyone else think? I couldn't see any discussion on it in a quick search so maybe it is a real...
  6. duffshot

    What are the odds?

    For you more savvy FFers out there, what are my chances? Currently waitlisted for a D seat as a WP on QF175 Sun 18JUN? I see QF has 4 J seats currently up for grabs.
  7. duffshot

    To AA or QF - the big question

    OK here is the dillemma (I have posted before on this but still need convincing) and I need advice team. Current QFF status is as follows: QF WP LT Silver Status reassessment occurs 30 NOV 2006 Already have 2185 in the bank this year so have WP for next year and partner gold (Almost useless...
  8. duffshot

    Hilton Honors Site driving me mad

    Anyone else having problems checking their activity etc with Hilton Honors? I seem to have got in once in about the last 50 attempts
  9. duffshot

    How many SCs do you get in a year?

    I have done what I consider way too much travel this year but I'm sure other Platinums have done more and I'm curious what kind if range people do. I am sitting on 4605 this year with an anniversary date of 1 Dec and would be happy to never get on a plane again but I wouldn't be surprised to...
  10. duffshot

    Flat beds or not?

    How can I tell if a particular QF flight is flat beds or not? I'm on QF5 Singapore to Frankfurt tomorrow (Tue 27th) and I know that they sometimes have flatbeds on this route now. I have an option of going a route through London which will be so am pondering my options and this could make a...
  11. duffshot

    BA Arrivals Lounge at LHR

    Does anyone know the rules on the use of the arrivals lounge for a QFF Platinum travelling on BA in world traveller plus? I haven't found a straight answer yet (but I'm sure someone will tell me exactly where to look.)
  12. duffshot

    Express through customs / immigration for Platinum FFs

    I heard a rumour recently that Platinum frequent flyers can (or soon will be able to) us the same arrangements as cabin and flight crew as far as customs etc goes. Anyone know anything about it as I'm keen to get through that one last gate as quick as possible!
  13. duffshot


    I'm off to Madrid next month for the first time. Anyone have any tips? Also - anyone know a good a hotel?