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    Hard to redeem Qantas points on Emirates?

    I think I'm an experienced QF points redeemer. I’ve managed to fly J class every June for the past six years Brisbane to Europe, but has usually been with CX &/or BA, in to London, Paris, Frankfurt etc. I book 350-odd days in advance & not had a problem. Had time on my hands recently & out of...
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    Emirates 1st Class seating

    My wife & I are booked first class on Emirates, Paris/Dubai on a A380 then Dubai/Brisbane on a 777. At this stage we’ve been allocated the 2xcentre seats (A & F) on both flights. Having read several reviews on both aircraft I am a little concerned about space for carryon stuff as apparently...
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    Qantas Club members Heathrow

    Can any Qantas Club members share their experience of the American Airlines lounge at Heathrow while waiting for QF2 back to Sydney.
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    Premium Economy in Qantas

    Looking for feedback regarding seating in premium economy on a Qantas A380. Has anyone flown in the 2 seaters – A & B or J & K - in BOTH the original A380 configuration, ie when it was only bus class & 32 seats of prem economy on the upper deck, AND the new configuration, ie business plus 35...