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    How early can you bag drop? Syd domestic

    Have a flight from Syd to Perth in J in a few weeks. I arrive into Sydney on the train from out of town about 11am and my flights isn't until 7.45pm that evening. Am I going to be able to use the automated bag drop that early? With liquids etc - I don't particularly want to have to clear...
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    Award Bookings - access up to 360 days?

    Did a quick google search and noted that Qantas open up Award bookings 353 days in advance. Having made a few award bookings myself I know the routine of waiting for a precious award date to rollover so you can grab it!! However just noticed something when making a booking last week that may...
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    Departure eGates

    Not a Qantas specific question - but I note there had been a successful trial for smartgate in Brisbane and the rollout was happening across Australia starting earlier this month Anyone know if they are rolling it out city by city or is each city getting or is each city perhaps getting a few...
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    Invalid City Pairs

    Hi all - just a quick question. Was looking at a classic award booking with QF points, flying CX. I note if I try and book HKG to SGN that it allows me to do so, however if I book a one way from SGN to HKG it comes up as invalid city pairs. Is this a technical website glitch or some OW rules...
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    EK Business Lounge in DXB

    Hi All - Flying OW in J through DXB. Arriving on CX about 6 in the morning and leave 2am the next morning on QF. I have two queries with regards to lounges. The wife and I plan to leave the airport to go have a looksie for most of the day, however a shower and breakfast before we go would be...
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    Booking QF with Asia Miles

    Went through about 6 or 7 pages trying to find the answer before starting a thread I'm considering a new CC as my Earth Black cycle comes up in about a month. Considering switching to Altitude Rewards to give me the option of Virgin as well as Asiamiles. Had a bit of a play and noted I can...
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    Booking Return J FLight

    Hi There, I did post this in the US Airways forum but thought it more appropriate here I've read and read the multiple posts and forums and still am a little in disbelief if not excited. Can someone confirm if this is correct. AA currently have a promo but 55k miles and get 16.5k free. So...
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    Using QP on Int'l flights out of Perth

    Hi all, I'm looking at a flight to Europe next year and interested in using the lounges. I'm a PS and QP member. I note from this October your ticket must be marked as QF to use the lounge. What I find interesting is that if I try and book through the Qantas website it only allows me to book...
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    Qantas Point Upgrades - still get status credits?

    Hi All, Just a quick question - I want to upgrade a flight from economy to business next month. The leg would normally accrue 40 status credits. Given I'm using points to upgrade - would I still accrue those 40 points? or does it now become an Award booking and no credits applied? Thanks BR
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    QF 107 help

    Hi All, I'm taking the trip in a few weeks fro Sydney to Los Angeles which leaves at 10am. To make a long flight worse, I am getting the red eye from Perth to connect. I'm trying to plan the sleeping on the QF 107 leg so that I get to LAX as best prepared as possible. My question was two...
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    Timing of International Seat Selection - when does it open up?

    Hi All, I'm just a Bronze FF, though I do have a QP membership. I have a flight from Perth to America next month and was curious as to when seat selection might open up in full (or close to). My first flight is Per>Syd at midnight and then onto LAX at about 10am the following morning. I've...
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    Qantas Club access to Admiral Club Lounge LAX Terminal 4?

    Hi There - not having travelled internationally (other than quick flights to Asia) for over a decade - I was hoping someone on here might be able to help me. My first question is - will I have access to the lounge above? I'm flying Sydney into LAX and then onto SFO later that morning. My...