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  1. frankie

    Building a Home

    As I’ve said several times since we met almost 8 years ago, the problem is that I have eyes 😛
  2. frankie

    Building a Home

    Other half of the build finally weighing in here 😛 Being the primary user of the kitchen and having experience with gas, electric and induction cooktops. I’m pushing for the gas option. Partly because it’s what I’m most comfortable with and partly because our appliance package isn’t split-able...
  3. frankie

    Tipping Uber drivers in Australia

    As @samh004 said I have always gone out of my way to provide good service, often receiving passenger written compliments after rides. Tipping was introduced yesterday morning and I've received a $3 or more tip on 85% of the fares I did yesterday(10+). On the radio last night I heard people...
  4. frankie

    Red Roo Update

    I find this move to be absolutely ridiculous, AFF consists of a large number of status members as samh004 as pointed out but what I find more ridiculous is directing us to social media channels that have to be the worst thing I have ever experienced. The twitter account only responds after...
  5. frankie

    Youngest Flyer in The Residence Suite

    As someone who has met this kid I honestly couldn't care less in terms of his traveling because I know its not self funded or even airline funded(for review reasons) but what really annoys me is the constant referring to the credit cards as his including on his twitter account where he tweeted...
  6. frankie

    Christchurch Dinner Saturday 11 March 2017 [New Venue]

    Sadly I'm out due to a few personal reasons :(
  7. frankie

    BNE Tues 29/11/16 drinks / meal Mick O'Malley's 6pm -9pm

    Haha not quite, more of a white thing going on but still pretty easy to spot :P
  8. frankie

    BNE Tues 29/11/16 drinks / meal Mick O'Malley's 6pm -9pm

    Damn! less easy to spot right now but I have a bit of a potential grandma vibe going on :P
  9. frankie

    BNE Tues 29/11/16 drinks / meal Mick O'Malley's 6pm -9pm

    hmmm, what colour was it last time you saw me? :P
  10. frankie

    Favorite travel gear/premium brands like Crumpler, Bellroy, etc.

    I love my Bellroy note sleeve for every day use and had been looking into their travel wallet for future trips so nice to hear that people are enjoying them! Key wise I was gifted an orbitkey last christmas and find that to be quite handy and in terms of backpacks I have herschel supply co's...
  11. frankie

    Gold Coast Drinks (27 August)

    I'm in, see you in 15! :)
  12. frankie

    Christchurch Dinner Saturday 11 March 2017 [New Venue]

    I saw that and am considering coming home on the same flight :)
  13. frankie

    Christchurch Dinner Saturday 11 March 2017 [New Venue]

    I may have been investigating my options and I may have a flight there now :P
  14. frankie

    Ad blocker detection now enabled

    I really fail to see how putting up a notification that essentially says please don't take away what helps support us is the same as not encouraging users to mingle and have a good time.
  15. frankie

    New Airport for Toowoomba

    I believe some time in the afternoon. I believe "Lance Broad" posted the information on their Facebook post announcing the arrival.
  16. frankie

    MEL AFF Christmas Do Sat 19 Dec 2015 (fully booked)

    Re: MEL AFF Xmas do Sat 19 Dec 2015 Looking forward to seeing you all in December! Is there some sort of a secret santa?
  17. frankie

    AFF Gathering #10 - date choice

    Having never left Australia and only visited the East Coast & Tasmania, I'm looking forward to PER!
  18. frankie

    BNE dinner 17th November 2015: Jamie's Italian

    I thought you weren't coming to dinner anyway?
  19. frankie

    AFF Gathering #10 - location choice

    The poll may be over, but I would have chosen PER had I been able to vote.
  20. frankie

    Another AFF BAM trip [Dec. 5th]

    I guess that means I'm not coming either :(