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  1. jocthedinosaur

    Showers in Pudong T2?

    Does anyone know if there are showers in Pudong T2? I am taking my 2 teenage sons via there in December on a hellish 25 hour flight to LAX (only ones I could get using FF) We have a 6 hour layover there before we pick up an AA to LAX. If there is anything else helpful I should know I would...
  2. jocthedinosaur

    All airport stop to Vancouver using points???

    Hi all, Haven't been here for quite a while but am taking the fam. for a 6 week house exchange over xmas/new year in BC Canada. I have 350,000 points so am trying to make the trip as cheap as poss. (albiet I have left my run very late!) My prelim searches indicate that I am going to have to fly...
  3. jocthedinosaur

    Xmas QFF flight to Europe needed. Help.

    Hi all, Been a long time since I've been here since I wiped out all my points taking the whole family to Europe back in 2006. Built up some points since then and need to get back to Holland around Xmas for my dads 80th. I have obviously left my run way too late. Looking for some advice from all...
  4. jocthedinosaur

    QC access for pleb

    Will be travelling to London with my wife and two young children in September. Was hoping to get QC access at Changi for a shower for the family and also London if possible. I am not a QC member. Does anyone know if I can use QFF or Amex points to buy my way in or do I just use the shower...
  5. jocthedinosaur

    QC access

    Hi folks, I'm flying to AMS via NRT on 13/12 with JAL at 10am. Anyone want to shout me into the hallowed halls of the QC? I have my own guest passes! Please, don't all say 'I' at once.
  6. jocthedinosaur

    Extra award seats

    This is my first time at booking award seats. I am attempting to book 3 seats to london return leaving 23/9/06 and returning 15/10/06. I will pay for another seat for my other child. My problem is not in getting there, it's the getting home that has become a challenge. There appears to be...
  7. jocthedinosaur

    Points cost for stopovers?

    Hi all, I have read through the reams of terms and conditions but am still miffed if it costs me extra points to do a stopover in Hong Kong or Singapore for a day on my way to London? Anyone? Thanks
  8. jocthedinosaur

    Newbie needs help booking paid with ff seats

    I have only recently become part of this very interesting and informative site. I must say, I am amazed at how much most of you know about using ff points. The thread about the best way to get a seat upgrade was very interesting (I'm 6'5", always wear a collared shirt and good trousers and...