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    Centurion annual fee

    Can you please elaborate more on the "rebate"? I've checked and there's no new offers in the app and I haven't heard anything from my RM in regards to rebates/discounts to the annual fee this year. Would be a good initiative if they offered this to everybody.
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    New [Amex] statement credits

    I'm a Centurion member and we get $725 back.
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    Amex Australia - Centurion Card Eligibility

    Would you mind disclosing how much you were putting on your explorer card per month? And what were the main spending types? Thanks in advance
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    Amex Centurion

    The credit card fees were waived for the car purchase as part of the negotiation.
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    Amex Centurion

    Hi All, I currently hold the Amex Platinum Charge Card and my annual spending at the moment is just above 110K. Big part of the spending is luxury, some travel, some accommodation, some dining and minimal utilities. My platinum charge is due for renewal in April and I am interested in upgrading...