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    VA Missed Flight policy?

    Rather than throwing away a fare, what’s VA’s policy if you miss a flight checked in. (Platinum). I have a early early flight in the morning however I really can’t be bothered so was just going to suck it up and buy the cheap JQ or TT fare tomorrow night so I get the day home. If I call the...
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    Singpore Airlines A380 SIN-LHR Exit Row best?

    His Guys Trying to upgrade the old folks to Exit row on a LHR-SIN who use the all economy lower deck. Here are the two options online R59 and 70. Any feedback on which is better?
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    JQ FLEX bundle change and voucher?

    Has anyone done this..... Paid $269 for a MEL-HNL fare. The day before is another flight with no fare diff. As I am wanting to cancel the trip can I.... Add a plus bundle for $99, change fee $75 then cancel the flight for a voucher. Instead of the flight going to waste. Refund would be in...
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    Freedom Cancel Refund?

    I just cancelled a Freedom Booking and I thought that the refund could be sent to the credit card? The operator on the Plat line said negative $80 fee for CC or Free for the Travel Bank. So I went with the travel bank. I’m not sure if online just has not been updated but is this correct? It...
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    Baggage link booking two PNRs?

    I’ve not tried this but I’m looking at booking a MEL-SYD reward then an onward to CNS cash flight (as all flights from Melbourne are like $800 during hols and nsw hols are a week later so flight is dirt cheap from Syd) Would it be possible for the guys in Melbourne to tag it right through on...
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    Jetstar 15th Birthday Sale

    Looks like the big yearly sale kicks of tomorrow. Good time to nab some cheap HNL fares! Usually opens the day before for Club J*
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    Woolworths/Virgin Gift Card Offer (2000 Bonus WOW Points)

    Only a few days left but no might be of use to some. I guess useful if you shop at Woolworths. Even better if you have access to a Staff Card that's a $100 for $85.
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    JetBlue LHR Announcement 10/4

    Long time coming but LHR announcement expected this Thursday morning AEST time. A321LR JFK-LHR
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    NZ announcement?

    So JQ are sending a 787 and QF a 747 to AKL tomorrow. These are positioning flights, in fact the 787 just arrived. Some form of group announcement over there? Or is this just a charter?
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    Velocity Double Status Credits offer 1/2/19 [Book by Feb 12, Travel by Dec 28, 2019]

    Thank lord. Been waiting years for this lol. Offer starts this Friday. Activate and book by 12 February 2019 to Get double Velocity status credits when you travel on a Virign Australia marketed and operated flight before 28 December 2019...
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    New Baggage crackdown starts this week at VA

    So it’s official now according to VA bosses. I’m most certainly aware of cases where the bins were crammed full then proceeded to fall off resulting in 10-20kg cases falling on people. Domestic passengers to have cabin bags weighed from this week Gate checking is just a standard thing in...
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    Velocity Double SC Offer NZ (book by 14/12)

    It’s been quite a while since an offer.I will do some SC run digging and will post anything worthwhile in the SC thread. This is a 4 week offer so might be wise waiting for a sale...
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    Status to be credited after DL schedule change?

    Flew First Class on DL yesterday BUF-DTW-EWR was delayed on the first leg 4hrs due engineering so they put me on a direct flight to JFK as they could not get me out of Detroit before the last flight. Question is, do I earn SC at my original or the new direct flight in these situations? 80SC was...
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    PE Fares Pricing to LAX

    I am looking at heading over to LA late Aug/Sep, for once I was going to splurge and go PE. For those who have done it, is it worth it? Compared to being stuck down the back. I can get a fare with a promo code down to around 3k. I can’t say I have ever watched VA PE prices, is this...
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    Tiger 737s back to VA

    I understand there is now a second Tiger Airways Australia 737 back at VA. They are both white (however up close you can still make out the Tiger livery). Are these aircraft fitted with Business Class or do they still have the Tiger interior? Sounds like an expensive job I wonder if the...
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    Will you use the new ULH PER-LHR?

    I'm curious. Obviously biggest game changer route in a while. Most people I've spoken to are 50/50. Ill say yes on the basis I can select my seat at the time of booking and it better be a good seat! I'd probably have a mental breakdown if I got a middle seat at checkin. The old boarding last...
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    EY: Melbourne-London $1199! Perth-Rome $999

    Special deal via Flybuys for the following routes celebrating the launch of the A380 to Tullamarine. Must book via the link and login via Flybuys. Fares seemed to be available on every day. Melbourne can be done all the way to London on the A380. https://www.flybuys.com.au/collect#/partners/etihad
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    Jetstar Birthday Sale (RETURN FOR FREE!)

    That time of year again, great sale especially for International Routes! Hawaii can be done for $339 return, cheapest as I have ever seen it. Seems to also include connections. Book before the server crashes. Book via this link. Return For Free | Jetstar
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    New 5AM AVV-SYD flight

    I saw this one while browsing and it appears to be legitimate, operating on a Wednesday. It is bookable next Wednesday. JQ602 AVV-SYD 5:00-6:25 **W**** Very strange, can't say I've seen any MEL-SYD 5am scheduled flights recently, they do out of BNE but only due Daylight Savings.