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    MEL rail link - latest iteration

    I was hoping for a bit more imagination by putting the Bendigo and North-East regional trains through the airport.
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    Bain Capital takes Control of Virgin Australia

    Great insight as usual RAM. I thought it very telling that in one stroke VA puts pressure back on Rex and QF. I do wonder if Alliance will run Canberra flights for Virgin.
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    Book a flight and Extend Current status to 2022

    This promotion reeks of desperation on QF's part. I admit that I benefit to keep Plat and I'm happy about that, though I do wonder if QF can survive in its current form and with its current board and management.
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    Bain Capital takes Control of Virgin Australia

    I’ve always thought that the handing out of CL membership deserves a look into when it comes to the Australian Public Service and federal politicians.
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    Bain Capital takes Control of Virgin Australia

    Things must be a little desperate at Q with the share buy back using terminal sale and lease back debacle, very little cash flow, unfunded QFF and that the CEO couldn't get the Qld premier to open the borders to Sydneysiders. It certainly puts VA2 in a different light coming to the market with...
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    Qantas Wine Issues

    Obviously Australia Post is too busy buying Cartier watches for executives!
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    Qantas lounge access when flying Jetstar during covid

    I can confirm this is still in place. I flew from BNE and had to sign in using pen and paper. As an aside the BNE DRW flight was packed with no semblance of distancing at the gate, nor any attempt by Jetstar staff to try to bring some order to the situation.
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    Bain Capital takes Control of Virgin Australia

    I note that Vaughn Strawbridge (one of the administrators) said: “I know there has been speculation about the shape of the airline into the future, and I have reaffirmed with Bain Capital that Virgin Australia will not be repositioned as a low-cost carrier. Virgin Australia will be a ‘hybrid’...
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    Bain Capital takes Control of Virgin Australia

    It's not quite at that stage yet as there are no details. They really need to be clear about the direction very soon as people begin to think about their options.
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    Less Corporate Travel Long Term?

    This is the situation for us in Aus/NZ and other developed countries. In developing countries, however, it is much worse. When English is the third spoken language, computer skills are only recently learned and internet connections are poor, it becomes much worse. It of course is a problem of...
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    Less Corporate Travel Long Term?

    My work is really starting to suffer because of the online meetings. A lot of the parts of the world where we work depend on personal contact and building up relationships. We are finding that there is a lot of drift happening and loss of focus. Online meetings tend to evoke an 'everything is...
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    Any experience with Air Niugini in these covid times?

    I received this email as well, and was interested to see that PX has a 50 passenger cap into Brisbane. it would seem that it's the most reliable way to enter into Australia from overseas.
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    Bain Capital takes Control of Virgin Australia

    It's a big shock, if true. If they are taking VA back to JQ type service with no lounges, etc, then what's the point of being a loyal customer?
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    What's your favourite 747 memory?

    One memory is from the early 2000s flying SYD LAX fairly regularly. That was the way the plane would shake on rotation as the wheels left the ground - sometimes more severe than other times (from memory the ERs didn't really do it as much as the earlier 400s). Another memory is hearing the...
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    Public Transport to our airports - what's cheapest?

    Bomaderry (Nowra) is included in the senior pass as my elderly relatives tell me - the line south from about Dunmore (Shellharbour) is quite picturesque - sit on the left side going south. The station at Berry is close to the town and is a nice day out.
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    Flights from Hell

    I'd forgotten about those planes. They were very tired at the end and I don't think the crew enjoyed them.
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    AFF on Air Discussion thread

    Thanks Matt for the shoutout and the reference to the Asiana questions. Also enjoyed your other podcasts since. Look forward to more (though I'm still smarting that I missed out on a seat on the 747 farewell)
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    A toast to Virgin Australia, some fond memories

    I never had the chance to fly the 777, but enjoyed numerous 330 transcons in the business. They will be sadly missed.
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    AFF on Air Discussion thread

    Ja, bitte! (Finding the diaeresis/umlaut on my keyboard is not straightforward!)
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    AFF on Air Discussion thread

    Thanks Matt for another enjoyable podcast with James. Surprised about the potential in points club. Interested in the ins and outs of the Asiana program. Finally good to hear about yourself Matt. Tschüss!