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    MR transfer to Supplementary Card Holder

    I have some Membership rewards points that I would like to transfer to my sons krisflyer account. My son is a supplementary card holder on the account. Is this possible to do becasue I just rang amex and they said I can only transfer MR points to my Krisflyer account as the primary holder? I...
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    VA Partner Award Changes

    I am looking to use velocity points to book from SYD or MEL - AUH - JFK in Etihad Apartments in Late June. I can see availiblity for the AUH - JFK segment but nothing for SYD/MEL - AUH. I called Velocity and they told me that if I was to book the AUH-JFK leg on its own I couldnt add the other...
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    Platinum Edge - Household vs Personal income

    Hi All, I am looking to get the Platinum card as a student aged 21. My income is roughly 25k which is obviously under the 50k requirement. I noticed however, on the application it now states a requirement of 50k household income. A while back the requirement was a personal 50k income if I...