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    Sydney Hilton temporary lounge closure January 2020.

    The Sydney Lounge will be closed for approximately a month from Monday January 13th for renovations of the rooms on the same level, the 36th floor. A temporary lounge will be located on the 4th floor. Apparently the minimal change to the lounge will include a new coffee machine. The current...
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    PR or not?

    I'm looking for some general direction steering. I'm starting to plan for a trip to the US around Christmas 2020 in order to pick up a cruise from Miami. I'll be able to book in a 2-3 months. The chances of getting to LA or SF around Christmas in Business Class with a subsequent flight...
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    I'm not sure this idea is going to fly here :)

    Hard to see this one having wings in this forum. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/oct/14/air-miles-should-be-taxed-to-deter-frequent-fliers-advises-report
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    QF availability using AA miles

    I'm trying to use some stray AA miles for a QF domestic booking. The AA website tells me there is nothing available any date. Is this new? If it is does someone mind making a dummy booking to check? many thanks.
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    Who's responsible when there is a missed connection ?

    A friend is currently at LAX at 00:30 on a EWR-LAX-AKL-MEL journey on an NZ issued ticket. The UA flight to LAX was delayed 4+ hours in NYC and the connection on NZ to AKL was missed. There are no NZ reps around and one solitary UA person trying to deal with a lot of people lined up. He has no...
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    Whispering sweet nothings.

    It's time to go again. And for us, this is the daddy of them all. It started yesterday in Melbourne and will end back in Melbourne, all being well on June 10. The itinerary is: MEL-SYD in QF Y Christmas with family in Sydney and the Blue Mountains SYD-AKL in NZ Y+ AKL-SYD-SFO in QF J 9 days in...
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    Locking luggage

    We have TSA compliant locks on our suitcases. We have never used them on any travel and have never locked our bags. This includes a load of trips to the US. We've had the odd security note when they have been inspected. The most we have done is use shrink wrapping on African trips. We’ve never...
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    Hilton Triple and Double Points promotion Sep 10 '18- Jan 3, '19

    HH has announced its new promotion. https://www.hiltonhonors.com/en_US/HHCM/20180828_1599/landing The only hotel in Australia where you can earn triple points is Hilton Surfers Paradise. There are 4 others in the South Pacific region. ps The link seems a little flakey at the moment.
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    My expensive mistake.

    I got an sms from Qantas today offering me $400 (total for 2 pax) to change off one BNE-CNS flight to another. I guess it was over booked. It didn't worry me which flight I took that day so I grabbed it. On closer inspection, after I had said yes, I noticed that the substituted flight was...
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    DoubleTree Perth Northbridge

    I notice that the new DT Perth Northbridge is accepting reservations from January 31, 2019. Previously the website had said it was opening in October 2018. This is either the usual completion date drift or they are being cautious, like West Hotel Sydney was, and will bring opening date forward...
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    Conrad Hong Kong leaving the Hilton family?

    There is a post on the Hilton forum of Flyer Talk in the last couple of days suggesting that the Conrad Hong Kong is soon to leave the Hilton family. It is unverified and I note the poster, claiming inside information, said the same thing about the Conrad Macao a month ago. If this is true it...
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    Cancelled award booking.

    I want to make sure I have it right. For the first time I have had to cancel an award flight booking for two of us. Points have been refunded to my QFF account from where they came, less the cancellation penalty for both of us. The money surcharges etc have been refunded to my credit card but...
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    Urgent advice please - Award flight JNB-FCO

    We are booked on IB JNB-MAD-FCO tonight using QF points. This morning another flight set has appeared on the booking reference - BA JNB-LHR-FCO so that there are two complete sets of flights. Weare listed as confirmed on all 4 flights. I've spoken to QF and they say BA has added the new...
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    South Africa, Mauritius and Italy.

    It's time to hit the skies and the roads again. This time it is to South Africa, Mauritius and Italy for 12 weeks. We have 6 weeks in South Africa, one in Mauritius, nearly 4 in Italy with a few days in Hong Kong and Sydney tagged on at the end. We have been to South Africa twice before and to...
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    Perth and other WA restaurants

    I should have got on to this earlier but I've been distracted by Brisbane and Adelaide runs for the cricket. We are heading to WA tomorrow for 9 days. We have 2 nights in Perth then 3 in Bunker Bay for some vineyard touring in Margaret River and finally 4 back at the Parmelia Hilton in Perth as...
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    Getting to San Francisco in January 2019

    Having the need to pre-plan (otherwise known as a touch of OCD!) I am looking at the options of getting to San Francisco from Melbourne (one way) by January 4 (or Jan 5 at a pinch) 2019 in J. I'd not want to leave before December 30. My preference will be to use QF (or AA ff points) but...
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    Doubletree Townsville

    By the looks of it Hilton is in serious negotiation for a DT in Townsville at the new stadium opening in 2020. The Townsville Bulletin has the news. No Cookies | Townsville Bulletin To get around the paywall a google of "Global hotel chain considers opening at stadium site" might help.
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    100 days

    It's been a while since I did a Trip report so it is about time to try again. I enjoy writing, though I'm not particularly good at it, and when you combine it with travelling and photography then it is all good. Post retirement, most of our (self and OH) trips seem to be long ones. This one...
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    AFL Tipping 2017

    Are we doing it again in 2017?
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    South Africa to LHR confusion

    I'm looking at an AA award flight from JNB to LHR in J. It won't be for more than 12 months so I'm at the early planning stage. On the dates I've looked at AA offers me BA JNB-CPT-LHR in J and a direct flight JNB-LHR in Y. In J there is a 20 hour connection in CPT. That's less than convenient...