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  1. Lynda2475

    Byron Bay Recommendations

    Wasn't able to find a recent thread. I am contemplating a short 5 day solo visit in October (post school holidays and before schoolies). Can anyone provide recommendations on where to stay in Byron Bay? I want to be walking distance from restaurants and cafes and the beach - I dont drive so...
  2. Lynda2475

    New Zealand records Fresh cases of COVID19

    Jacinda Adern just held a press conference, Four new confirmed cases in one family, acquired from an unknown source (no overseas travel), so community transmission in NZ, no where is immune. NZ held up as gold standard, so will be interesting to see if they can identify the cause and quash...
  3. Lynda2475

    MMB Broken?

    So for over two weeks now whenever i log into Qantas and go to My Bookings page I get the below error: It doesnt seem possible to Manage My Bookings using the webiste anymore, which means I am unable to redeem flight credit vouchers because I cant see them to get the reference. If i log inot...
  4. Lynda2475

    Can you use multiple flight credits on a single itinerary?

    I have 2 QF flight credits valued at $298 and $149 respectively, now that the borders are opening if I want to book a return flight valued at $519 can I apply both credits to that one new booking? Online if I click redeem i seem to only be able to use one.
  5. Lynda2475

    Fly (worry) free – unlimited changes without charge

    Got an email from Cathay Pacific this morning offering: Fly (worry) free – unlimited changes without charge Dear Sir/Madam We’re offering you the flexibility to make free and unlimited changes to all new tickets issued between 9 March and 20 April 2020 – so you can travel reassured...
  6. Lynda2475

    Amex Travel Flight Release

    I was doing some research for how to spend Xmas shutdown this year (wanting to use my $450 Qantas Amex Travel credit if it makes sense) and was surprised that flights for Christmas and New Years period arent availabel to search on Amex travel. Whereas the Qantas site has flights on their site...
  7. Lynda2475

    Does having a Qantas Premeier card exclude eligiblity for bonuses on Citi Bank branded cards?

    So im ready to churn my Qantas earning Visa card (curently with SGB) and possibly mastercard (currently wth WBC) shortly thereafter. Im currently still in exclusion period for ANZ. A quick look on the Qantas website it seems that best 2 Visa options (which Im not excluded from) would be: Citi...
  8. Lynda2475

    Qantas Pub Sydney - no more takeaway coffee cups

    At some stage in the last 4 weeks (last flew 24th Oct) the Sydney Qantas pub has gone "green" meaning you can now only get a tiny (halfcup really) ceramic cup of coffee before an early morning flight, not a takeaway one to take to the gate. Guess no more use for the skip app. Means now need to...
  9. Lynda2475

    Flying NYE

    Just curious if flying on NYE (so in the air at what would be midnight) do the airlines tend to do anything different for those onboard?
  10. Lynda2475

    Beware Melbourne Taxis skimming credit cards

    As a general rule I use Uber instead of taxis as not only is it more price competitive you generally get a better driver, cleaner car and dont have to worry about payment in vehicle or having you card skimmed. Ive only caught a taxi twice in the last year, both times from Melbourne CBD to...
  11. Lynda2475

    JAL Introduces Child Icon on Seat map

    So JAL will for flights booked directly with them indicate on the seat map where a child is sitting to allow those without kids to potentially avoid sitting next to a screaming baby or toddler...
  12. Lynda2475

    Where to eat in Port Douglas?

    Off to Port Douglas for a long weekend (Thurs - Sun) tomorrow, been 4 or 5 years since my last visit so am looking for recommendations of where to go for Dinner (Thur, Fri, Sat) and Lunch (Thur)? Breaky included at resort, have day trips booked on Fri and Sat which takes care of lunch. Plan a...
  13. Lynda2475

    Jetstar Points Plane Now on Sale

  14. Lynda2475

    Single Trip TI Recommendations

    Back in March I booked with InsureandGo for my December Hong Kong trip based on a Choice recommendation, then realised today that their single trip cover excludes cruises and defines a cruise as "Any travel on sea, ocean or river by any commercially operated ship, boat or other sea vessel with...
  15. Lynda2475

    EK151 J Seats

    So I have a QF Classic reward in J which includes a flight on EK151 from Dubai to Copenhagen, which is on a A380-800. Qantas shows me as have seat 7B (see screen shot), yet according to Seat Guru there is no 7B (just a 7A and an 8B). Has Qantas loaded an invalid seat map or has EK changed their...
  16. Lynda2475

    EK Lounge Access in DXB

    Hi if Im fly into DXB in J on EK and arrive at 11pm, anf my connecting flight is also in J on EK at 8am the following morning - is there a lounger that is open over night to wait in? Or would I need to book a hotel room?
  17. Lynda2475

    Singapore Zoo

    Hi brains trust, Am I crazy to try and visit the Singapore Zoo, the River Safari and Night Safari all on one day? I would be solo so nothing other than the heat to slow me down. Advice please.
  18. Lynda2475

    London for the Solo Traveller

    I'll be in London for 7 full days in mid June and am looking for some suggestions to do a solo traveller that are a bit different. Some background: This will be my 3rd stay in London. I'll be staying in an airbnb close to both Covent Garden and Temple tube stations and as have friends who are...
  19. Lynda2475

    Personalised Points Target

    Qantas sent me an email this morning titled "Personalised Points Target" Clicked on the link and: so what are these rewards you ask: Not much of an incentive, but if you had a low points earn last year, it would be easy to get 5k more points without trying too hard. But spending $5k...
  20. Lynda2475

    TI Date Range

    Colleague and I are debating what date range one needs to include on a travel insurance policy. Casewhere, you depart Aus on 1st of the month, and return flight leaves US on 6th of the month, but doesnt land in Aus until the 8th. Do you apply for cover from 1st - 6th or 1st - 8th?