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  1. Ikara

    A bit of humour

    Old pilot flying quotations. God does not subtract from man’s allotted time the hours spent while flying, but He exacts harsh penalties for those who do not learn to land properly. The difference between fear and terror: fear is when your calculations show you may not have enough fuel to make...
  2. Ikara

    The grand old days of air travel

    Doc - they were 10 cents a packet in my canteen on HMAS Yarra. (Duty free) I couldn't afford NOT to smoke. I was saving 35 cents a packet. Who wouldn't do that?
  3. Ikara

    The grand old days of air travel

    This is from the very early 70's - way before many of you were born. Such wonderful times!
  4. Ikara

    Time Stands Still on Norfolk Island.

    Aaaahhhhhh, Norfolk Island! - the place for the newly weds and the nearly deads. Did it once - never again.
  5. Ikara

    A bit of humour

    Ain't that the @#$%ing truth!!!
  6. Ikara

    A bit of humour

    Anybody interested in a free ride in a helicopter flight for 4 people! I'm still looking for 2 more people to join us. We leave early Saturday (October 17) morning from Cairns and will fly to Port Douglas where we will have breakfast and then on a yacht for lunch. Then we’ll do a flight along...
  7. Ikara

    In case you have been wondering.......... [What Oz Airport Terminals Currently look like inside]

    ............what the airports are looking like at the moment. Here are some snaps taken on Wednesday. Pic #'s 16 & 20 are Adelaide at 0745 on Wednesday travelling JQ to Sydney. Pic #'s 25 & 26 are Sydney on arrival. As described by SWMBO - eerily quiet!
  8. Ikara

    Alternative use of airline points

    Sorry JB I'm missing something here......you've been flying since the 70's - Skyhawk A4E's as I recall (Nowra Hill and all that, Vintens & 623's & 633's, AR1 and Quad radar, maintained them all) - landing on aircraft carriers. Then 747's (everyone's dream on AFF) - and you want to know what to...
  9. Ikara

    Documentary on 'what happens to the planes?'

    Do you want to give us a hint as to where to find it? YouTube is a big place. JB
  10. Ikara

    Help with Longitude and Latitude from iPhone photo

    I didn't fine tune it, but Google Earth has the co-ordinates somewhere down near South Brighton. JB
  11. Ikara

    Another Celeb denied access to Qantas Lounge [Dress code]

    "We called them ghettas in the Navy... " I haven't heard them called that since I paid off in 1974!
  12. Ikara

    Qantas law unto themselves - don't waste your time with ACA complaint

    Nah........it's climate change. With the temperature of the earth rising, the bag tag was affected by the heat and warped. Simples really!:);)
  13. Ikara

    Food Preparation

    Madam - your mother has been preparing food for you for a gazillion years without gloves! How're you doing so far?
  14. Ikara

    A bit of humour

    Will it ever get to this??
  15. Ikara

    A bit of humour

    That's not a BBQ, this is a BBQ!!!!!
  16. Ikara

    A bit of humour

    Air travel can be so dangerous these days!! JB
  17. Ikara

    A bit of humour

    Feet on the bulkhead?? Not a patch on this one...........must be a contender for the worst passenger ever!!
  18. Ikara

    A bit of humour

    Some of Life's more important maxims! WITZENBURG’S LAW OF AIRPLANE TRAVEL The distance between the ticket counter and your plane is directly proportional to the weight of luggage you are carrying and inversely proportional to the time before take-off. FIRST LAW OF AIR TRAVEL Serving coffee...
  19. Ikara

    A bit of humour

    2 bloody days now, I've been sitting here in the Gatwick VIP lounge, waiting for Amazon's drone to deliver my neck pillow! If I'd known my flight was going to be delayed, I could have gone back for the one I left at home! JB
  20. Ikara

    Power board

    Why "sacrifice"? Just plug it into an in-country adaptor and you're set to go!