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  1. toowongman

    Flying and business travel as it used to be...

    When travel was somewhat... more civilised...
  2. toowongman

    ex-VA E190s in Europe

    Time for something different. Came across an ex-VA E190 in a flight review - LCY to DUB. Operated by Stobart Air for BA.
  3. toowongman

    Diet Coke is back!

    It's the little things that drive me nuts ... and one of those is that black, soul-less drink known as Coke Zero. Super-stoked yesterday to see Diet Coke is back on VA!
  4. toowongman

    Dirt around air vents

    Have never seen so much crap around the air vents/lights today in my life while on a VA 737. Is this a sign of average maintenance? A filter needs changing? Looks somewhat disconcerting:
  5. toowongman

    Elderly flight passenger throws coins into engine for ‘luck

    From SCMP: More at: Elderly flight passenger throws coins into engine for ‘luck’, delays take-off for hours | South China Morning Post
  6. toowongman

    Airnorth announces WTB-MEL and WTB-CNS

    This is a win for those of us who frequent Melbourne and the Lockyer Valley/Toowoomba. Timetable in media release .pdf from Media releases | Airnorth
  7. toowongman

    Notes from an occasional QF pax

    Over in the VA forum Rooflyer posted their one-off VA experience, so after flying QF for the first time since 2006 I'm reporting from the other direction. Had to be in Toowoomba from MEL for a usual monthly Friday afternoon meeting so thought it was time to give the new WTB airport a go and...
  8. toowongman

    United Considering 10-Abreast 777 Retrofits

    Ouch... United Considering 10-Abreast 777 Retrofits | Commercial Aviation content from Aviation Week
  9. toowongman

    When airlines were proud of their economy cabins...

    Good times: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIavXew9bPY
  10. toowongman

    ACMA crackdown on Melbourne taxi drivers with GPS jammers

    from Showing taxi drivers the way
  11. toowongman

    Free "PressReader" content in the Lounge

    New feature started today - if you connect to PressReader via the Lounge wifi you can download content to read for free. Take your pick from over 2300 publications « Virgin Australia Blog
  12. toowongman

    Iran Air TVC from 1978

    Good times - skip to 01:00 ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6E9s-KZlOo&t=1m2s
  13. toowongman

    United 787 walkthrough video

    From engadget: http://www.engadget.com/2012/08/02/boeing-united-787-dreamliner-handson/
  14. toowongman

    Air Jamaica circa 1975

    While researching something unrelated I found some old magazine ads for Air Jamiaca from February 1975, and thought they would be good for a laugh. Would have loved to have seen their "floor show of fabulous island fashions" during the flight... Pictures by toowongman - Photobucket
  15. toowongman

    Rail Strike Brisbane

    FYI - there is a high chance of a rail strike in SE Queensland on Monday 16th and/or Wednesday 18th of February. This will affect the Airtrain service as well as normal QR services. More information at TransLink - Public transport information t.
  16. toowongman

    Virgin Blue "lounge"

    I just wanted to say that the BNE "lounge" is great. It's 1845h on a Friday night, there's about thirty people in here, the wireless is fast, the Crownies are cold, and my stomach is very full. No queues for food, plenty of space and it's really quiet. Ms Toowongman will belt me for saying this...
  17. toowongman

    United Airlines in Brisbane

    from crikey.com.au A bemused baggage handler writes: There was little short of a mini-riot on board United flight 863, after the aircraft was forced to divert to Brisbane because of recent fog in Sydney. After a 14-hour flight from San Fran, the poor suffering fools awoke somewhere over the...
  18. toowongman


    Just noticed this flight - QF9344 (02/11/2006) - a 737 to BKK? Non-stop? (Possible if they only sell two seats, no cargo, and one a/c on?) Or a bizarre error in the QF system? Can anyone explain this?