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  1. tgh

    Top Three Holiday Photos

    A lot of history here..
  2. tgh

    Top Three Holiday Photos

    Bantry House, Bantry, Ireland
  3. tgh

    Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted

    Didn't even make it past Year 11 …. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: That is you to the back of the queue.. In fact , I suggest that you wait at home (or in your burrow) and listen to the radio for future eligibility announcements. just a reminder to those outside in the queue.. you must show...
  4. tgh

    Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted

    Life certainly worth more if you have a university degree than those without. Australia is a knowledge based society, therefore those who do not have a university degree or professional accreditation should be put at the back of our society, and unfortunately if they want to protect themselves...
  5. tgh

    A bit of humour

  6. tgh

    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    disgusting behaviour of certain states in particular Clearly not addressing Qld, where a very strong majority supported and continued to support border closure……
  7. tgh

    General Discussion/Q&A on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    I live in qld , what is a mask ?
  8. tgh

    2021 Travel Plans

    #1 son and family have just escaped sfo for a break on Hawaii. No feedback yet so not sure where they are. Universal mask wearing is mandated but some exceptions for remoter areas I believe
  9. tgh

    COVID escape - QLD road trip

    Bb used to have the best coral in the whitsundays… (IMnsHO..nach)
  10. tgh

    2021 Travel Plans

    I find it difficult to visualise a world open for travel that is saturated with active Covid. There will probably be some opportunities to do stuff, but the t&c like cost ,comfort and prophylactic impositions may make it all too hard. Definitely a wait and see game for me.
  11. tgh

    General Medical issues thread

    Shame.. RTma.. politicising the medical thread.. Shame….:eek: very droll tho...;);) I would have some serious difficulty with voluntary immobility … one of my (many) faults is never being still...
  12. tgh

    Time Stands Still on Norfolk Island.

    I really like Norfolk.. but when tested against my #1 travel question it fails to make the cut. My question ? What if I had to spend the rest of my life here I always ask myself this when visiting interesting places
  13. tgh

    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    Our 35th Playgroup Xmas party here yesterday 20 Adults and about 600 kids (or so it seemed). In terms of their conduct , for this group Covid does not exist.. Qld is riding for a fall.. a big fall...
  14. tgh

    The Pinot Noir & Grenache Thread

    I am also somewhat perplexed by Beefarmers comments, but note that the posts by Qaz allow a lot of "ordinary" AFF supplicants access to really good plonk. What else is relevant ?
  15. tgh

    Cruising choices with an active Pandemic

    Street goss says the ship was too casual and brought it on themselves
  16. tgh

    Top Three Holiday Photos

    I have oft been in thrall at the magnificent Christian structures in Europe , it was nice to find the Dutch Church on Banda Naira last year. We have some history in our little chunk of the world….
  17. tgh

    The view from my "office"

    sailing by for sure.. no sheltered harbours or anchorages around Norfolk.. on reason it has had limited development