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  1. mannej

    QF Points reversal ? EVERYDAY REWARDS

    It may be worth checking your QFF accounts, as it seems as if members are having WW earned QFF points reversed.
  2. mannej

    PER plans to get CAT111 System

  3. mannej

    Vintage Airline Memorabilia

    With the Retro Roo flight a fortnight away, and the 95th Birthday celebrations starting for Qantas I thought I would post something that my Father passed onto me last night. Just wondering what others may have in terms of vintage airline memorabilia?
  4. mannej

    iPhone Internet Time

    Bit of an odd one, but is anyone having the time on their iPhone jump around randomly? It's currently 3:15 in Perth, yet my phone believes it's 17:46 for some reason?
  5. mannej

    OLCI with the new MMB

    Is anyone else finding that they can't use OLCI until 24 hours prior to a connecting flight when on the same booking. Correct me if I'm wrong but it was always 24hrs before the first flight, not the second flight. Most annoying.
  6. mannej

    Transit Intl to Domestic at MEL

    Flying WLG-MEL-PER next week on QF. Not having had to transit intl to domestic at MEL before, am I right in assuming; We collect our luggage at MEL to go through immigration/customs Is there a seemless transfer point at MEL negating the need to line up at the Domestic? Any answers would be...
  7. mannej

    Trans Tasman Exit Seats (737-800's)

    Are the exit seats on the 737 Tran Tasman runs selectable online prior to Airport check in?
  8. mannej

    Special Request Meals - Qantas

    Hi, I have searched but to no avail, however this refers to requesting special meals when travelling with 2 adults and 1 infant (18 months). The QF MMB section only gives the option to select a special meal for the 2 adults, not the infant on the booking. Is the infant entitled to a meal, or...
  9. mannej

    Ethiopian ET702 Squarks 7500 (Hijack Code) near Geneva

    What training do you receive in how to deal with highjackers? It would seem that ET702 has squawked 7500 and is circling Geneva currently (destination was FCO).
  10. mannej

    Adds on the iPhone app

    Is this new or is there a big with the iPhone app?
  11. mannej

    Another news.com.au slow news day!

    http://m.perthnow.com.au/travel/travel-advice/tourists-blown-away-by-extreme-plane-landings-at-maho-beach/story-fnho5uqy-1226641946240 Typical article regarding the usual beach airports, but something about their "747" looks suss to me!
  12. mannej

    TG Get a please explain

    Federal Government demands answers on 'disgusting' Sarah Paywee incident | Travel | Travel News and Holiday Deals | | Perth Now I am surprised this has slipped through the cracks on here, but it really does seem a mess.
  13. mannej

    Geoffrey Thomas - Today Tonight Mini Series

    Has anyone been able to record and upload the mini series that GT has been running on Today Tonight (Perth) this week? If you could point me in the right direction that would be great.
  14. mannej

    Train Cancellations UK - Any compensation due?

    I was on a train between Manchester and Newcastle last week which was cancelled before it reached Newcastle. Has anyone been in similar circumstances, and if so is there any entitlement to compensation? The fact that we were left to fend for ourselves without any support was very poor IMHO...
  15. mannej

    QF1 Delayed

    According to the QF Source, QF1 was delayed on the 29th. If I am on QF2 tomorrow night out of LHR, should I be worried about the flow on affect, and if so normally how good are QF about notifying pax about these delays?
  16. mannej

    Another JQ Go-around incident

    One for you Markis! Incident: Jetstar A321 at Cairns on Sep 3rd 2012, flap overspeed during go-around
  17. mannej

    BA Domestic Operations

    Having not travelled on BA before, I am interested in others experiences on how often BA change the scheduled aircraft for their domestic flights. I am on a service between NCL and LHR next month, and at this stage the 321 looks fairly empty. Would BA swap this to a 320/319 based on loads, or...
  18. mannej

    Best place to buy an iPad

    With a trip to the UK (PER-SIN-LHR return), Where is it most worthwhile place to get an iPad. For comparison sake, I can see the new 64G wifi model for $690 from dutyfree.com.au Would I be able to get it cheaper, and if so where? Thanks:p
  19. mannej

    Bollinger Rose

    I am searching to buy a bottle for a special occasion, yet finding it extremely difficult to find. Based in Perth, no luck with Dan Murphy's either in store or online (they are deleting the product), does anyone have any ideas on where I can pick up a bottle from?
  20. mannej

    Purchasing hotel branded Bed-ware

    With reference to the what small things make a hotel good, there are certain hotel chains that you wish you could bring home the bed or pillows with you. Are there any chains (Hilton, HI, SPG) that allow you to purchase items such as the pillows that they use?