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  1. RooFlyer

    Accor Movenpick Hotel to open in Hobart

    This is a bit of a surprise. Australia's first Movenpick branded hotel will open in Hobart's CBD in January 2021. For Accor, it joins an Ibis Styles in the city. A Crowne Plaza opened a few months ago and Marriott are currently finishing what will be one of their top-range hotels. The...
  2. RooFlyer

    Virgin sale fares Tasmania

    Just announced I think: Virgin has rolled out a “Cheers to 20 years” sale to celebrate two decades of the airline, which started on Thursday and runs until Tuesday. The sale has fares from just $69, including those with booking dates into 2021 and many fares to and from Melbourne in...
  3. RooFlyer

    Weekend at Cradle Mountain National Park

    I have a confession to make. Promise you won't pass it on. When I was at Uni - the first time, in the late '70s - I did a botany course called Weeds of Tasmania Field Botany. Why, on God's earth, you are entitled to ask! Mainly, because the 'Physics girls' were doing it and there being b-all...
  4. RooFlyer

    Wear the airline

    (Couldn't find this posted elsewhere ...) Good on 'em for the idea, but I don't think I'll be buying ... Qantas launches range of leisure wear to combat pandemic crisis (Probably paywalled, sorry) The ongoing quest by airlines to find alternative revenue sources to flying in the devastating...
  5. RooFlyer

    Crowne Plaza Hobart

    Until recently there had been no popular 'chain' hotels in Hobart for a while. This was addressed a year or so ago with the opening of Ibis Styles and Marriott is going to open one of its 'Luxury Collection' branded hotels in maybe a year. That's in a cracker of a location and should be a hit...
  6. RooFlyer

    Reminder on why you shouldn't post your Boarding Pass unfiltered

    @DC3 , duplicate thread of one created yesterday: https://www.australianfrequentflyer.com.au/community/threads/tony-abbotts-passport-number-revealed-after-instagram-post.100108/
  7. RooFlyer

    Photographing paintings behind glass

    I need to get good photographs of two paintings which are behind glass, in frames. Is there a technique to get a front-on pic and avoiding reflections / light glare? We have complete control of the paintings (ie not in a gallery) but can't remove them from their frames. Paintings are abt 45cm...
  8. RooFlyer

    Australian Media discussion - perceived bias and other notes

    The Vic Police are having a bad trot - I suspect the stress of the current situation is affecting some of them as much as anyone: A father-of-three has been placed in an induced coma after vision emerged of Victoria Police officers striking him with a car before they pinned him down and kicked...
  9. RooFlyer

    Memories of the Sydney Olympic Games

    Twenty years coming up since the Sydney Olympic Games. I thought it would be nice to remember something domestic and an event that I certainly remember and enjoyed. But first the downside - the preparations! I was living in Sydney ... I remember the footpaths of the CBD all being taken up...
  10. RooFlyer

    Stalin's Wine Cellar

    Has anyone read this? Featured in the Weekend Oz's magazine https://www.penguin.com.au/books/stalins-wine-cellar-9781760893132
  11. RooFlyer

    Effect on incomes from the Govt and other measures

    This caught my attention, as I'm feeling the pain: Boomer incomes fall as younger generations enjoy benefits surge (Probably paywalled - try googling the headline to get the whole story) Baby boomers are alone among the generations to suffer a fall in income through the COVID-19 crisis...
  12. RooFlyer

    Political campaigning during the pandemic

    There is an election in the NT next month (August). The incumbent has released an ad The Chief Minister has highlighted his Government's "fast, focused" response to the coronavirus crisis in a 30-second election ad released on NT Labor's social media accounts yesterday. In the ad, Mr Gunner...
  13. RooFlyer

    NZ election 2020

    An election will be held in New Zealand on 19 September this year. Current standings: The Opposition has had two leadership changes this year - most recently Judith Collins was elected the Nationals leader - described as the NZ version of the 'Iron Lady', contrasting with the saintly and...
  14. RooFlyer

    How many of this global top 50 vineyards have you visited?

    World's best vineyards 2020. (Just ignore that its sponsored by Sonoma vineyards ;) ) Good to see Valle de Uco up there ...@JohnM will like that! 6 for me: Robert Mondavi (5) Opus One (20) Bodegas Salentein (23) Penfolds (24) Henschke (25) d'Arenburg (34)
  15. RooFlyer

    Not water into wine, but still pretty clever

    Well done: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-02/beer-turned-into-whisky-due-to-excess-beer-supply-due-to-covid19/12410850
  16. RooFlyer

    Some comparative flu figures

    The local paper (paywalled) has a story with this year Vs previous flu figures for Tasmania and nationally (so far). * Nationally there were just 229 laboratory-confirmed cases recorded across Australia in April, compared to more than 18,700 last year. * Tasmania is following the national...
  17. RooFlyer

    Hertz files for bankruptcy

    Rental car company Hertz files for bankruptcy (Oz, probably pay-walled - google the headline)
  18. RooFlyer

    Airplanes and contaminants

    Dunno if there is anything new, but at least its topical for AFF 🙂 How Boeing will keep planes germ-free in post-coronavirus world (The Oz, probably pay-walled, try Googling the title to see)
  19. RooFlyer

    Person killed on runway in Austin

    From OMaaT: (ATC audio at the link)
  20. RooFlyer

    The way out of lockdowns etc in Australia

    Announced after today's National Cabinet. The Oz on-line: What do people think about the staging?