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    Best ie cheapest time to book Qantas to the USA for Jan 08

    Best time to buy tickets, if you haven't already got a good price through some special promotion, is closer to the departure time! My sister was caught last year, purchased a MEL-LAX for something like $2600 for travel mid-Jan (just after the season change), only to find the fare drop to $1550...
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    HNL hotels

    Hi everyone We stayed for an overnight at the Ocean Resort Hotel in Waikiki - partail ocean view room, and it came to AUD135 for the room. The hotel was fine - close to the beach. The rooms clean but not spectacular. We took the shuttle bus from the airport - USD13 return per person. We...
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    AA Australian office closed!

    Hi all Does anyone have an actual number to speak to someone at the AA Sydney office re ticketing? I have had numerous problems with the Indian call centre - particularly telling me they would bill my Australian card in AUD and billing is USD instead (with a whopping AUD17 'currency...
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    JQ : Misleading adverts

    Just checked the ACC website and I quote: Companies engaged in advertising goods or services must be careful not to send a message that creates, or could create, a wrong picture in the minds of those who receive the message. Failing to disclose important information in advertising may also...
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    Flying for company business - whose points?

    Hi Emkay and welcome to the boards! Unfortunately in this case I support the government position on this. I am a public servant in a state government and agree that any points earned for official travel should go back to the employer (ie the people). It is not our money ion the first place and...
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    JQ : Misleading adverts

    I think most people however would apply the common usage/understanding of the phrase 'for a fraction', and this is where, even if technically correct, the advertisement can be misleading. FF.
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    Best Website for ticket purchases?

    Indeed - but it the web sites do help you find the good fare and options in the first place. If I'm doing a simple point to point I'll search the web, find the fare, knock off $20 (or 30 or 40 depending on the fare level and commission) and then take it to my agent. Also makes the agent happier...
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    Join Virgin Atlantic?

    Hi all I have been a VS FF member for 6 or 7 years and have been very happy. Never had any problem redeeming miles, and can confirm the levels to NZ are based on return. I booked two Y class tickets in Feb from MEL to AKL (flying NZ) with about three weeks notice. Also never had any...
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    Best Website for ticket purchases?

    Hi all As other posters have mentioned - I too have had mixed results with zuji. I looked for a fare with them to Hong Kong in early December, they were qouting over $1300, the same fare was available from CX's own website for $1100 (go figure...) On the expedia.com.au side - also mixed...
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    QF / BA World Traveller Plus RTW

    Hi Foreigner As for other pricings, can you give an idea if your itinerary? If you are just looking to go to New York, then you could fly SYD-HNL on QF in Y, then pick a YUP to BOS (own way to New York) for around AUD2800 all up netting 780 status credits for the HNL-BOS leg alone (then add...
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    JQ : Misleading adverts

    Hi all I hadn't looked at the pictures per se - but what I do think is misleading is Jetstar's claim that they will deliver airfares and packages for 'a fraction' of what you're paying now (I think they also use the word 'probably'??) . This is perhaps technically true... anything less that...
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    How to pay taxes on AAward flight

    Hi DJ737 - you can ring any of AA's reservations offices - either in Sydney or the States if you prefer. They will take CC payment for taxes I believe. If calling the States dial the regular 0011 1, then continue with the 800 number they have for reservations. Calls are charged at the regular...
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    What is SSSS on a AA Boarding Pass

    Hi all Can agree with most of the anecdotal (or is it factual??) reasons for getting SSSSed. Back in 2004 I was flying 12 times a year to the States form London, each time with connecting services from Chicago to other ports. At the beginning of the year, my tickets were booked through...
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    Preferred Boarding

    Agree on all points about the service / pre-boarding at HNL. We did the flight in April - packed flight but pre-boarding was well organised as you describe. Bags were tagged business and were the third and fourth on the belt in SYD. Thumbs up to QF in HNL! Regards FlyFirst
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    Travel Insurance - Missed Connections

    Hi chrisb Many insurance policies will provide cover if you miss flight connections, however there will generally be a time period before benefits kick in. I have seen this as little as 4 hours, and as much as 12 hours. What the insurance policy will generally cover is the cost of food and/or...
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    Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

    Hi Morbo I have been a Flying Club member for about 5 years. Have redeemed flights with VS on the routing LHR-LAX/SFO-LHR. No worries with getting availability (about 3 months out) over Easter (this was in Upper Class). Also redeemed partner award (x2 on the same flight) from MEL-AKL on Air NZ...
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    Are fares usually cheaper on AA.com ??

    Hi all Can add to the AA.com experience. Trying to book PER-MEL for this week - fares high due to PErth school holidays. Cheapest available on QF was $353 (plus CC booking fee - this was the next level up from the red e-deal). Fare from AA.com priced out at AUD306.15 for S class so we took...
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    Best Hong Kong Hotel?

    Hi Nick A couple of hotels in the three star range would be either the YMCA (right on the waterfront at Kowloon), or the Metropole. Check tripadvisor for reviews of both of these. (The YMCA is a full service hotel.) You can goole YMCA Hong Kong to see their rooms (many with Harbour view)...
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    Need to pay QC joining fee when moving from Gold to Silver??

    Hi Hardya This question was asked on another FF bulletin board elsewhere and unfortunately there was only speculation as to what happens at the end of your time as a 'gold'. I think the upshot was that we would have to wait until it happended and whomever got there first would be able to...
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    Upgradeable Fare Classes for a few dollars more.

    Hi Serfty The 'SALE' fares - even when selecting 'other flights' are all non-upgradeable as per the booking conditions listed on the QF website. As I pointed out, there is an anomaly whereby, for HKG (in October at least), the 'red e-deal' fares are cheaper than the 'SALE' fares, and to...