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  1. Cessna 180

    Random J trip to Poland via South Africa

    Hello. It is time I wrote a trip report. As much as for my own benefit as well as others. I have learnt a lot and been both entertained and informed by many others on this forum. I am currently seated in the Bidvest lounge at JNB with Girlfriend (GF). I have been jotting things down on a word...
  2. Cessna 180


    Hello. I am in the "sin bin" as someone called it for a few things at the moment, especially the low or no fee as is my preferred card! I have been searching a bit for an answer to the following.: Re the "Nab Rewards Sig". It says payments to the ATO are precluded from earning points. However...
  3. Cessna 180

    Original Routing Query

    I know this has been discussed before but I just can’t find any recent definitive guidance. If a person deliberately books A to C via B to take advantage of the extra SCin domestic J and then at check in suggests going on the direct A to C flight, even if only economy is available, would one...
  4. Cessna 180

    Darwin Tonight 27th

    Morning All. I will be in Darwin tonight and free on the off chance anyone is around for a quiet bite to eat in the city.
  5. Cessna 180

    Driving through Southern Africa.?

    Hello. So I have booked a J reward to JNB early Feb on the 747 which is always something I have wished to do, along with visiting Vic Falls and seeing a Lion or two.Returning at this stage three weeks later, but I may change to an F via DXB.a little earlier. I have read various reports by...
  6. Cessna 180

    Arrival Lounge Access in HKG

    Hello. I have just found out I need to travel to Tinian on Saturday. So I am going on QF 97 to arrive in HKG around 1730 and thence a six hr lay over until the UA flight at 2330. Probably a silly question, but as I am going on another airline where QF do not service that destination does...
  7. Cessna 180

    The Business

    So having to go from Albany to Mel yesterday I thought I would give Virgin another go across from Perth as Rex interline baggage with them and saves crossing to the other side of the airport. It is probably over a year since I have done this trip with V. Being on a flexi I rang the the call...
  8. Cessna 180

    ZNE Catch up

    Now I know this is unlikely, but as I spend quite a bit of time in ZNE,(on and off) was wondering what is the likelihood of any other AFFers ever being around this way?:eek: Will potentially be here for another week or so this time around.
  9. Cessna 180

    Retro Roo in ZNE

    Not sure if this is the right place or not, but thought some on here may be interested. Red roo arrived in Newman this afternoon. (and departed again!)
  10. Cessna 180

    Seat selection on Air NZ

    Hello. Am travelling tomorrow to NZ on a VA ticket on an AIR NZ plane. Velocity web site wont allow me to select seat so rang Velocity. The rep said I can do it on Air Nz, but their web site does not allow either. No big deal, just curious. Ta
  11. Cessna 180

    Sydney First/Platinum Lounge Visit

    With my one year of platinum running out soon, (unless there is some divine intervention) I found myself having to head to NZ from regional WA. This is also only the second time I have left Aus, ever, so was also impressed with the transfer system from domestic to international. Would say that...
  12. Cessna 180

    Perth Domestic! What are Qantas' lounge options?

    Was in the Per lounge yesterday for two hours at lunchtime and it was packed and the bar queue was consistently 5 or 6 deep
  13. Cessna 180

    1400 Status Credits

    Made 1400 status credits yesterday, tomorrow will be zero!:lol: All domestic.
  14. Cessna 180

    Account roll over delay

    Hello Was wondering if many other people have had this delay? My account review date was 14 Feb 14, and ever since then there is a message saying 'we are currently reviewing your activity over the last year and your new card will be with you shortly' and so on. I have 900 credits in the last...
  15. Cessna 180

    Launy Q club

    Hello Was wondering if anyone knows if LST Q club stays open till last JQ flight tonight? Tried to ring them and no answer so presume it is only till last Qf leaves? Thanks
  16. Cessna 180

    Missing Bag Tags at Destination

    Hello. Recently I went on a Rex flight from Whyalla where the bags were connecting to a VA flight Adeleaide to Melbourne. On arriving at Mel, I was short of one Qantas tag. A week or so earlier I went on A Qf flight Mel-Per-Newman where on arrival I was was missing a Velocity tag. Am...
  17. Cessna 180

    CNS MEL - q's about service etc

    Hello. Have found myself in Cairns and may be flying out on a burner later this week. Was wondering if anyone can comment on whether a proper meal is included on this route now or whether is still just flexi wrap if on a flexi ticket and cup of T for a saver ticket? If not, is the Q direct...
  18. Cessna 180

    When a Window seat does not have Window

    Hello. I have noticed on most 737's that there is generally a window missing anywhere from about row 6 to row 12. The other day I was in 11f and looked across and 11a had no window. Even though I am over 6ft I prefer a widow as I enjoy looking at our great countryside. Does anybody know if...